First International Week kicks off at TNEU!

7-09-2019, 15:00 News

 On Monday, September 9, the attendants will launch the First International Week at the Ternopil National Economic University. TNEU will welcome reliable partners from Ukraine and abroad, guests and good friends. The aim of this initiative is to strengthen existing cooperation and at the same time to create a platform for new learning, research and project collaboration.

We invite everyone interested - students, teachers, employees involved in the implementation of international projects, exchange programmes and training of foreign students - to take part in the interesting and informative events.

The schedule of events organized within the framework of the First International Week can be downloaded using the links below:

First International Week 

Перший міжнародний тиждень  

TNEU invites you to Knowledge Day!

21-08-2019, 15:30 News

 Ternopil National Economic University sincerely invites freshmen, parents, faculty, students and distinguished guests of to the "Student Youth - Future of the Nation" celebration on the occasion of the Knowledge Day! The festivities will begin on September 1 at 11.00 at the TNEU Knowledge Square (11 Lvivska st.).

Business Internship of TNEU Students at Nord University!

20-08-2019, 21:00 News

 As part of a collaboration between Ternopil National Economic University and Nord University, two of the best students have won the opportunity to practice business in Norway, namely the renowned Nord Business School  during August 4-10, 2019.

During the internship, TNEU students Vita Protsyk and Viktoriia Semeniuk made many memories while communicating with other students, excellent teachers and the university administration.

Students share their thoughts, impressions and hobbies with us: “It was an incredible opportunity to take a internship at Nord University. We also had an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of Scandinavian corporations, to visit excursions in many organizations and institutions, in particular to visit the very interesting Aviation Museum and Post Office of Scandinavia and see their work from the inside. We were amazed to be entrusted with many secrets of the organizations and even insider information, because Norwegian business is built on trust, transparency and sharing of experience.

The university itself also implements a very interesting concept of cooperation with students. We were surprised by the access to the library 24/7, which is equipped with dozens of lounge areas for study and recreation! All students have personal chips and passwords that allow them to use computers, open doors to dormitories and university buildings (because everything works on magnets and codes, no doors open the regular way). In our free time, we visited the Norwegian fjords, glacier, hiked in the mountains and walked around the city. The beauty of the Norwegian nature and the sincerity and good-naturedness of people are enchanting!

We sincerely wish to thank the Ternopil National Economic University for such a wonderful opportunity and enabling students to realize and develop dreams!"

English-language camp MASCOT at TNEU

16-08-2019, 22:04 News

 August at our university is hot, fun and full of laughter - the MASCOT English camp is based at the Ternopil National Economic University for the first time. More than 60 active young people from different regions of Ukraine have come to improve their English language skills.

Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies is helping to coordinate the camp.

At the MASCOT English camp, active youth discover their talents, develop teamwork skills through participation in elective classes in music, ecology, healthy lifestyles, public speaking, project management, conflict management, and more. The training at the camp ends with each group presenting their project, which is intended to solve pressing social issue and pcomote tolerance in the society. Camp participants organized a fundraiser to purchase an electronic stove and a shower for the hematology department of Ternopil Clinical Hospital in the Taras Shevchenko park. For this purpose the visitors of the park were offered a chance to showcase their talents in an interactive form and, if desired, to make their financial contribution to the project.