International Augmented Reality Summer School started work at TNEU

3-10-2019, 15:00 News

 On Monday, September 30, the International Augmented Reality Summer School opened its doors. It is sponsored by German Academic Exchange Service DAAD; HTW Berlin (University of Applied Sciences); and MagneticOne Group.

The school's working language is English.

The school participants were divided into teams and selected the following topics:

1. An augmented Ukrainian recipe book
2. Urban Art: Augment street art or graphic novels
3. Visualizing virus attacks using Augmented Reality
4. Augmented Reality Memory Game
5. Augmented Reality Treasure Hunt

The first results were presented on Tuesday. On Wednesday, October 2, international teams presented the interim results of their work to the president of MagneticOne Group, Ruslan Savchyshyn.

The school will be open until the end of the week. The teams will present the results of their work in the Assembly Hall of the Academic Council on Friday at 13:30, the awarding ceremony for the winners will take place at 15:30. The event may be attended by anyone interested. 

Geetings to Partners and Students from the People's Republic of China on National Day!

1-10-2019, 15:34 News

 The University community sincerely congratulates students and partners from the People's Republic of China on National Day of their Country.

Within 70 years, the People's Republic of China has undergone a remarkable and grand path of development and achieved the significant results that have surprised the entire world. These peaks were achieved through the continued efforts and hard work of the Chinese people. In close collaboration with the students and partners we will continue to work on strengthening of the Ukrainian-Chinese relationsships and implement successful projects and programs together! We wish the prosperity of the People's Republic of China and the happiness and unity to the Chinese people!

Greetings to students from Federal Republic of Nigeria on Independence Day!

1-10-2019, 15:29 News

 Ternopil National Economic University sincerely congratulates the students from Nigeria on its Independence Day.

We wish them the inexhaustible strength and realization of all creative ideas!

Independence Day of Nigeria is celebrated annually on October 1st. It symbolizes the day when the independence was gained from British rule in The country is the largest in population with the most powerful economy on the continent.

We wish happiness, kindness, harmony and prosperity to all citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Selection process for a semester study at the University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND (Kingdom of the Netherlands)

24-09-2019, 18:00 News

 Selection of students for a semester study at the University of Applied Sciences INHOLLAND (Kingdom of the Netherlands) will be held on September 26, 2019 at 2:00 pm in room 1417.