Rector's Address

Rector's Address

Ternopil National Economic University is one of the leading economic higher education institutions of Ukraine. Keeping both past and current achievements in mind, we work to build a foundation for the future. Our university was established back in 1966, and since then has become a major scientific, cultural and social center of Western Ukraine.

Each generation of students and researchers continues the proud traditions of national education, adds to TNEU’s numerous achievements and proves thier worth at the international level.

Ternopil National Economic University is a leading modern educational institution, where the academic spirit and science, passion and discipline - the corner stones of identity formation - reign.

The university is always developing, as to master the art of living one must look to the future. The competitive spirit that prevails in the university allows the graduates to become leaders and highly skilled proffessionals in their fields.

Ternopil is a student city. It infallibly enchants anyone who sets foot on its ancient lands, with their quiet streets and open-minded people. The old Galician capital is now one of the finest scientific centers of Ukraine. This is where intellectual product is created through a journey from mere concepts to progressive ideas brought to life.

Education and science are invaluable assets of the nation's potential that determine its successes years ahead. The nation's elite is comprised of educated people. The teaching staff of Ternopil National Economic University works to ensure that our graduates can be confident of their talents and skills, that their critical economic thinking can meet the demands of tomorrow.

Coming to study at Ternopil National Economic University, you increase your intellectual potential and confirm you belong in an elite high educational institution.

We want you to be successful and exceptional individuals! Join our University family!




Rector of TNEU,

Doctor of Economic Sciences,

professor Andriy Krysovatyy