The people’s amateur vocal ensemble " Halychanka” is a creative University group with the original high performance skills (Artistic Director - Myroslav Buryk). The basis of the repertoire make ritual and narrative songs of the local region, the Ukrainian folk songs, the songs of historic Ukrainian riflemen and rebellions, modern patriotic songs, the works of local Ternopil region authors . The members of the ensemble, preserving folk style of singing with high artistic taste and deep knowledge of folk songs nature,convey a wide range of human emotions through their melodious voices. The artistic group presents folk art at the the University, throughout the region, in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.


11, Lvivska st., R.6

mob.telephone: +380982352646



Majorette ensemble «MadhenBoom» (Artistic Director - Mykhailo Viiatyk) is a perfect combination of choreography,exquisite image, and artistry. The majorettes of Ternopil National University perform complex tricks with sticks, marchand swing merrily along during festivities, they became the calling card and decoration for all TNEUcelebrations .



11Lvivska st., R.2

mob. telephone: +380973707970


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