Лабораторія психологічної служби ТНЕУ

Laboratory of Psychological Services

Created as part of the Scientific and Research Institute of Methodology and Educology


The main principles that the Laboratory of Psychological Services of TNEU adheres to in its activities are:
-    indidual approach to every person/client;
-    encouraging clients to be active in their interactions with the Laboratory personnel;
-    ignite the desire to self-improve and educate in students.


From time to time, all of us face problems that are difficult, and sometimes impossible, to overcome independently. In those moments, it is important to have people who will listen, understand, and offer help.

If you:
•    want to better understand some psychological issues, improve your mood, make an important decision;
•   are having difficulties wiht your studies, e.g. you cannot adapt to a new team, are afraid to speak in front of a large audience, are uncertain in choosing a professional direction;
•      if you having problems at home, find it difficult to connect with your peers or teachers -
Do not hesitate to contact the Psychological Service of TNEU for consultation, advice of qualified specialists, or help in solving problems.


If needed, other specialists are also involved in specific issues.


Working with a professional psychologist has been proven to:
•    help with self-awareness (personality quirks, skills, abilities, personality types, etc.)
•    learn to understand yourself and your experiences, and express feelings appropriately;
•    learn to understand other people and their problems;
•    help overcome fears, deal with negative feelings, loneliness, fight psychological dependence;
•    learn to set goals and achieve them;
•    become confident in your abilities;
•    love yourself and life;
•    builf effective communication skills;
•    learn to avoid and correctly resolve conflicts;
•    learn how to establish relationships with other people and maintain them (including family and personal relationships);
•    learn how to maintain or restore mental balance;
•    find a way out of a difficult situation;
•    learn to organize study time and achieve successful results.


The Psychological Laboratory provides its services to undergraduate and graduate students, teachers and administrative staff of TNEU.


Services are provided for free.

The staff of the laboratory of Psychological Services:


Tetiana Nadvynychna 


Candidate of Psychological Sciences


Head of the Laboratory

Zoriana Krupnyk


Specialistof the Laboratory


Contact us: 1st floor, TNEU Building #3, 1 lvivska st., Ternopil.