Scientific work is intellectual creative activity,

aimed at obtaining and using new knowledge. 

Its main forms are fundamental

and applied scientific research.

[Law of Ukraine On Scientific and Scientific-Technical Activity]









About The old theories—from Adam Smith to Karl Marx—have lost their value because they are based on things like land, labor, and wealth. All of that has been replaced by science. Ideas are now more important than materials. And ideas are unpredictable. Science knows no customs, no borders. It’s immeasurable, unpredictable, unprecedented. It doesn’t depend on distances or stop at a given point.

Science creates a world where individuals can play the role of the collective. Two boys create Google. One boy creates Facebook. Another individual creates Apple. These gentlemen changed the world without political parties or armies or fortunes. No one anticipated this. And they themselves did not know what would happen as a result of their thoughts. So we are all surprised.

It is a new world. You may have the strongest army—but it cannot conquer ideas, it cannot conquer knowledge. Now when you try to anticipate what is possible, you must go to books or laboratories, not simply to the stock exchange. You must exercise your brain. And you can keep your brain fresh if you use it. [Shimon Peres, Former President of Israel]

AboutToday scientific research becomes a necessary component of training a highly-educated specialist, and a vital condition for Ukraine's integration into the European educational space. After all, the main task of teaching in higher education is not just to pass on knowledge, but to create favorable conditions for its creative reinvention, which is the basis for the emergence of new ideas.

Students and science. The need for such a combination is confirmed the activities of the Student Scientific Society, which for many years successfully operates in the Ternopil National Economic University

TNEU Student Scientific Society is a public organization that unites students of the Ternopil National Economic University on the basis of voluntary participation and common scientific interests. It was founded on November 29, 1968.

The tasks of student science are:
search for gifted youth capable of generating scientific ideas;

ensuring the development of scientific schools and the continuity of scientific research;

formation of internal and inter-university communication scientific relations;

expanding the outlook of a young person;

supporting the image and high academic rating of the University.

These tasks are realized through program and elite student science.

Program science includes the implementation of individual research tasks, writing course papers, diploma theses, master's theses, provided by curricula.

AboutElite science is the successful participation of students in Olympiads, contests of scientific works, scientific conferences, competitions, round tables, various forms of student scientific work - student scientific society, scientific circles, problem groups, research laboratories, theoretical seminars.

The purpose of the Society's activity is the revival and development of the high intelligence of the Ukrainian nation, the formation of the elite through the organization of training, promotion of investment attraction for the implementation of projects for the training of gifted youth.

AboutWe set the following objectives:

1.Informing students of the university about all scientific student events held in Ukraine and abroad;

2.Organizing student conferences, round tables and seminars within the faculties and the university;

3. Conducting competitions, Olympiads for the discovery of scientifically talented youth among students;

4. Cooperating with the Council of Young Scientists of TNEU;

5. Developing the connections and cooperation of students with higher educational institutions of Ukraine and abroad.

Student Scientific Society of TNEU gives an opportunity to:

learn to correctly formulate scientific thought;

successfully speak in front of an audience;

correctly characterize scientific material;

participate in numerous scientific events;

publish theses and articles in scientific journals;

communicate with practitioners;

get acquainted with like-minded people from different faculties and other universities;

AboutSSS has a branched structure. At faculties there are students' scientific groups that hold their own meetings. Together, they form the SSS of the faculty. The Society has a governing body - the Council of TNEU SSS, which includes the heads of the faculty societies.

We offer the following methods for stimulating student research work:

accepting scientific works of students as course papers or abstracts in the corresponding disciplines;

students who took an active part in research work, won All-Ukrainian competitions of scientific works or All-Ukrainian Olympiads should receive certain privileges during the examination session;

student scientific work is one of the criteria for the selection of graduate and postgraduate students;

active student scientists, after obtaining Bachelor's or Master's degree, are provided with letters of recommendation for employers, signed by the dean of the faculty.

AboutScience is a factor in the rapid development of human civilization. It can look for new reserves to ensure economic, scientific, technical and social progress. But like locomotives that can not move without drivers, the train of science, too, can not go forward without its drivers. We live in times of change. And for us, young students-scientists, there is a special task: to do everything to ensure that the "locomotive of science" of Ukraine not only keeps its drivers, but also rushes forward with even greater speed!



Student Scientific Society became an integral part of progress at the Ternopil National Economic University, because our achievements are the bricks in its foundation.

With respect and hope for fruitful cooperation,
Head of TNEU Student Scientific Society
Nadiia Kiziuk

Council of Student Scientific Society


Council of Student Scientific Society


 Nadiia Kiziuk


Head of Student Scientific Society of TNEU

Room: 1226 (Building #1)
Tel.: 096 9837617
Email: nadia.kizyk@tneu.edu.ua


Council of Student Scientific Society


     Snizhana Radyk


   Head of SSS of Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Management

Council of Student Scientific Society


    Maryna Varha


    Head of SSS of Faculty of Banking

Council of Student Scientific Society




    Anastasiia Fedorova


    Head of SSS of Faculty of Economics and Management

Council of Student Scientific Society


   Valentyn Blazhko


   Head of SSS of Faculty of Computer Information Technologies



 Council of Student Scientific Society




    Ioan Synkivskyi


   Head of SSS of B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations

Council of Student Scientific Society



    Nataliia Boiko


    Head of SSS of Faculty of Accounting and Audit

Council of Student Scientific Society


   Olha Yuruk


   Head of SSS of Faculty of Finance

Council of Student Scientific Society


    Volodymyr Karyi


    Head of SSS of Faculty of Law



Contact Information

Student Scientific Society

11 Lvivska st.

TNEU Building № 1, room 1226

Ternopil 46020, Ukraine

Tel.:  (0352) 47-50-55  (internal:11-348)
Email: snt_tneu[at]ukr.net

Head of TNEU SSS – Nadiia Kiziuk
Tel.: (096)983 76-17


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