Head of the Student Union

Head of the Student Union
Head of the Student Union, post-graduate of the Department of Finances of Economic and Insurance Entities
Phone 0(352)47-50-79, 
Internal 11-135
E-mail: Profkom_stud@tneu.edu.ua;

Student Union

 Student Union
The primary student union is a voluntary non-profit organization of university students whose purpose is the representation, implementation and protection of educational, socio-economic rights and interests of its members. A member of the student union can be any full-time student of the university that recognizes the Union Statute of the education and science workers of Ukraine.

At each faculty or institute of the university there is a student union bureau of students, the staff of which is elected at the reporting and election conferences of the faculties.

The student union promotes students' education, creates the necessary conditions for living and rest, cares about health improvement, cooperates with student organizations of other higher educational institutions and youth organizations, takes part in the organization of student leisure.
The main areas of student union work are that it:
1.    Makes university administration proposals to improve the conditions of life, recreation, medical care, rehabilitation, development of student government.
2.    Controls the correct calculation of scholarships and other benefits for students.
3.    In cooperation with the University administration:
-  determines the housing in residence halls;
-  promotes the development of academic, research, creative, intellectual, cultural, educational, sports and other activities of students;
-  determines the distribution of the scholarship fund, the special assistance fund, the student incentives.
Student Union includes four Commissions:
  • Commission for public control and everyday life,
  • Commission for Health and Sports,
  • Commission for Inforamational Support,
  • Commission for Culture and Entertainment.

Student union closely cooperates with the Office of Classical Education and Personal Development, helps in organizing and conducting various events, allocates funds for celebrating the winners and participants.
In recent years, the regular screening of films in all student hostels of the University has been supported by the student union. Each semester students attend a theater or movie theater. They can receive free tickets from the chair of the student union bureau of their faculty.

Trade union of workers and students of TNEU signed a joint agreement with Ternopil driving school where one can study on favorable terms.

The Student Union of TNEU is the main regional office that issues international student identity cards - ISIC. ISIC is the only card officially recognized in over 110 countries of the world.