About the Department

  The Department of Philosophy and Political Science was established in August 2006 by joining of the Department of Philosophy and the Department of Political Science. The Head of the Department is Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor Cholach-Honcharuk Tetiana.


The teaching, scientific and methodological work at the Department is provided by 10 specialists, including: 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 1 senior lecturer and 1 lecturer. Among the staff of the Department are: Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Doctor of Political Sciences, 4 Candidates of Philosophical Sciences, Candidate of Political Sciences, 2 Candidates of Historical Sciences.


The teaching staff of the Department provides teaching of disciplines "Philosophy", "Political science", "Logic", "Religious studies", "Fundamentals of scientific research", "Philosophical principles of sustainable development", "History of political doctrines", "Political aspects of public administration". The department serves all faculties of the university.


Room: 11504

Tel.: 47-50-50

Internal tel.: 10-0-54

Head of the Department

 Tetiana Cholach-Honcharuk


Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor
Room: 11503
Tel.: 47-50-50*
Internal tel.: 10-0-54.