В.о. директора Центру підготовки магістрів державної служби

 Іващук Олег Тимофійович

канд. ек. наук, доцент, в.о.директора Центру підготовки магістрів державної служби
телефон: (0352) 47 50 82
внутрішній телефон: 10009
кабінет: 11507
е-mail: oleg.iva16@tneu.edu.ua

About the Centre

 The Centre for Preparing Masters of Public Service (CPMPS) is a structural unit of the Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies, which trains Masters in the field of stufy 07 "Management and Administration" (formerly 1501 "Public Administration") in speciality 074 "Public Management and Administration".
On June 11, 1996, Ternopil Academy of National Economy created a Master's Degree programme in the field of study "Public Administration", and the same first addmission counted 21 persons.
Licensed volume of masters' training by intramural mode of study is 50 persons, while the extramural mode is 300 persons.
Over the cpurse of the Master's programme existence, 2336 people have graduated.
As of September 1, 2017, 345 full-time students study at the Centre for Preparing Masters of Public Service as the first and second years.

The training of public servants at the educational level "Master's" is in great demand, as evidenced by the constant presence of students from more than 14 oblasts of Ukraine, in particular, from Zhytomyr, Zakarpattia, Volyn, Chernivtsi, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytskyi, Kyiv, Rivne regions, etc.
The educational process is provided by more than 80 teachers, among them 24 Doctors of Sciences, 55 Candidates of Sciences, including 4 Doctors and 8 Candidates of Sciences in Public Administration.
The main departments for the speciality «Public Management amd Admistration» («Public Service») are: Department of Management and Public Administration (Head – Doctor of Economic Sciences, Shkilniak M. М.), S. I. Yurii Department of Finance (Head – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Kyrylenko О. P.), Department of Internaational Economics (Head – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Kuryliak V. Ye.).
According to the signed agreement on cooperation with the Wroclaw University of Economics (Republic of Poland), students pass a weekly internship abroad in local self-government bodies and learn the experience of administrative reform of the European model. Recently, 30 students took part in the internship.

  Contact information:
46020, Ternopil, 11 Lvivska st.
TNEU Building #11, room 505, 507,
  Tel.:8 (0352) 539631, 530119