Dean of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit

 Valentyna Mykolaivna Panasiuk


Maidan Peremohy 3 (TNEU Building #2), Ternopil 

Phone: (0352) 47-50-76


Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor of accounting in the manufacturing field
Valentyna Mikolaіvna Panasyuk was born July 14, 1969. In 1987 graduated with honors from That School of mechanization of accounting degree in Statistics, 1991 – Ternopil Institute of national economy with a degree in accounting, control and analysis of economic activity. Valentyna Mikolaіvna in 1998, defended her thesis "the effectiveness of the management costs of production (supervisor – doctor of engineering, Professor p. Vihruŝ). In October 2001, Valentyna Mikolaіvna Panasyuk awarded the title Associate Professor of accounting in the industry.
Pedagogic career Valentina Mikolaivna is connected with the selfless work as teacher-trainee, Professor, senior lecturer, Associate Professor, Dean. September 2015, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of accounting and audit, Chairman of the scientific-methodical Council of the faculty. Experience of scientific and pedagogical work constitutes – 26 years and accounting activity is 22 years.
V.Panasyuk - author of 113 scientific and methodical works, including 2 monographs, 3 outright collective monographs, co-author of 16 manuals of MES of Ukraine and 38 methodical recommendations. The main scientific and educational-methodical works: "management of cost of production" (monograph, 1999); "Production costs: management aspect" (monograph, 2005); "Modern problems of the theory, methodology and organization of accounting of domestic enterprises (collective monography, 2010); Status and prospects of development of the national system of accounting "(the collective monograph, 2013); "The concept of the development of accounting, analysis and audit in Ukraine" (collective monography, 2014); "Theory of accounting (study guide, 1999); "A collection of problems with accounting (study guide, 1999); "Tax accounting (study guide, 2002); "Tax accounting organization, regulatory, tax calculations, reporting" (tutorial, 2003); Methodology, methodology and organization of scientific research "(manual, 2005); Organization under the national standards: comments and examples (tutorial, 2007); Accounting in industries (training manual (2nd Edition), 2014); Accounting and reporting according to international standards (training manual (2nd Edition), 2014); Accounting and reporting according to international standards "(training methodological complex (2nd Edition), 2015); Accounting in the service sector (in diagrams and tables) (training manual (2nd Edition), 2015); Faculty of accounting and audit: from the origins to the present (monography, 2016); Orming of the national accounting system (Monograph, 2017).
Thesis, written under the direction of Valentina Mikolaivna Panasyuk, awarded a diploma of I degree for the all-Ukrainian competition theses in speciality "accounting and audit" (2011). Sphere of scientific interests of Valentina Mikolaivna Panasyuk-accounting and financial reporting in accordance with international accounting standards; cost accounting and cost accounting of the enterprise; accounting of tax calculations for high professionalism and valuable contribution to the development of accounting science in Ukraine V. Panasyuk was awarded with the diploma of the Ministry of education, youth and sports (2011); for active participation in the volunteer movement of the Ternopil oblast – medals for the dignity and patriotism (2015), active civic position towards the reconstruction of the Ukrainian State, the Medal "for revival of Ukraine" all-Ukrainian Union "Country"; a significant contribution to the development of education and science of the region – With honors (2015) and diploma (2014) Mayor Sergei Provided; Gratitude of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine (2016).



About the Faculty

 45-year-old history of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit - a chronicle of the formation leader-starts from 1971 to create accounting economic faculty in the Ternopil Finance and Economics Institute, which was founded on the basis of the branch of the Kyiv Institute of national economy. During the operation of the Faculty is carried out training for over 20 thousands of skilled professionals, many of whom occupy or occupied in the past executive positions.


Today the Faculty trains specialists majoring in accounting and taxation in the following degrees: Bachelor, Master

In order to ensure a high level of organization of the educational process at the Faculty and departments there are: methodical offices, specialized laboratories and educational audiences. Teachers and students of the faculty have the opportunity to use the library's electronic library and the reading rooms of the university

Students' studies at the Faculty are held in the university buildings in the complete classrooms for lectures and practical classes.

In order to improve the organization of the educational process, to increase the qualitative level of training of accounting and auditing specialists by mastering them with modern applied accounting and analytical programs, as well as assistance in the implementation of student's scientific, course, diploma thesis, candidate and doctoral dissertations, two educational computer laboratories technologies, equipped with computer technology, integrated into the local network and connected to the computer network of the university.

Along with studying the basics of work with the programs of automation of financial and managerial accounting with the help of modern special accounting programs (1C: Accounting, Parus-Enterprise, etc.), students and teachers can use the constantly updated information and reference system, which combines: legislative and the normative basis for the regulation of accounting and auditing, primary accounting documentation, registers of journal accounting, electronic version of the newspaper "All about accounting", textbooks guides and lecturers of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit, e-training complexes in each discipline.

Students of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit are constantly involved in research work, the Student Scientific Society actively works on various issues. Student scientific groups and problem groups function at each of the graduate departments, and the Student Science Center  has been established at the Department of Accounting in the field of production, whose members are students of 3-5 courses of all specializations. According to the results of the SNC's work in 2017, Two issues of the "Bulletin of the SNC" newspaper devoted to the problems of the theory and practice of accounting at domestic enterprises were published.

Together with students at the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing, scientific and practical seminars and round tables are held in which not only members of the teaching staff take part, but also accountants-practitioners, auditors, managers of enterprises, institutions and organizations with which the faculty cooperates actively.

During the academic year, students hold scientific conferences, science days, competitions, student research competitions. The best students who win prizes, receive honors, letters, rewards and are encouraged to participate in the next stages held in other educational institutions of Ukraine.

During 2011-2016, the Ternopil National Economic University is the basic educational institution for holding the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the specialty "Accounting and Audit" among the students of higher educational institutions of the III-IV accreditation levels. 

Annually, representatives of higher education institutions throughout the country take part in the Olympiad. In particular, in 2013, 121 participants from 64 leading Ukrainian higher education institutions took part in the Olympiad. 

The students of the FOA repeatedly became the winners of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the specialty "Accounting and Audit", in particular: A. Dubivka - second in 2003, M. Kuzemko - second in 2004, O. Potapchuk - second in 2005, O. Goy - first place, O.Chekriy - the third place in 2011; Sudini Yu. - second place, Linkna N. - third place in 2012; Bolinovska L. - first place, Sudin Y. - third place in 2013; Kovalchuk V. - first place, Bortnik O. - third place in 2014. In 2015-2016, Mr. The winner of the 2 nd stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad in the specialty "Accounting and Audit" was a 5th year student Kizyuk Nadiya, 3rd student Musuy Yaroslav, 5th year student

Every year, the students of the FOA become the winners of the All-Ukrainian contest of students' scientific papers in the field of science "Accounting, analysis and audit".

In particular, in the 2011-2012 academic year, Kukhar Olga received a diploma of the first degree (scientific advisor, doctor of sciences, professor Zadorozhny Z.-M. V.), Yuzv Olesya - diploma of the second degree (scientific advisor of doctor of economics Prof. Krupka Y.D.). In the 2012-2013 academic year, Sudeni Yulia was awarded with a first degree diploma (scientific adviser, professor Zadorozhny Z.-M. V.), Dzhugla Natalia - diploma of the second degree (scientific adviser, Ph.D., associate professor Adamik O.V.)

In the 2013-2014 academic year, Koval Olga was awarded with a first degree diploma (head of the doctorate, professor Zadorozhny Z.-M.V.), Dzhugla Natalia - a diploma of the third degree (scientific advisor, doctor of sciences, Prof. Luchko M.R.). According to the results of the annual regional student competition "Student of the Year" in the nomination "Prometheus of Science" in 2013, Koval Olga was awarded a student of the 5th year of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing. 

II degree diploma for scientific work on the topic: "Clouds in the accounting: values, perspectives, methodology" in the second stage of the All-Ukrainian competition of student's scientific papers on the specialty "Accounting, analysis and audit" (March 2016, Kyiv National Trade and Economic The university (Kiev) received a student of the department of accounting in the production area of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing TNEU - Kiziuk Nadiia Yuriivna (group OISm-11). 

Student self-government is actively functioning at the Faculty of Accounting and Audit in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Higher Education", which is carried out at the level of a student group, faculty, dormitory, university. Third-year student of the Accounting and Audit Faculty, Beach Pavllo, President of the Student Parliament and heads the University Council of Students.

Along with the theoretical study of special disciplines, students, in accordance with the curriculum, acquire practical skills by passing industrial, pre-diploma practice and internships, training in special disciplines. 

Students have the opportunity to practice and study at the enterprises of Ternopil and other regions of Ukraine: PJSC TRIZ Orion, Territory Surveyor, Agriholding "Mriya", Audit Firm "Ter Audit", consulting center "Bizon" and many others. 


TNEU Building #2, Maidan Peremohy 3, Ternopil, 46004.

Phone: (0352) 47-50-76