Head of the Department

 Oleksandr Dziubliuk

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor
Теl.: +38 0352 475050 (internal 13-333)
Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy st., (TNEU Building #3)
Теrnopil, 46020

In 1992 he graduated from the Credit and Finance Faculty of Ternopil Institute of  National Economy (now - National Economic University), specializing in Finance and Credit, specializing in Credit. For more than 2 years he  worked in a commercial bank. Since 1994 - he has been teaching at TNEU as a senior lecturer, and later a an Assistant Professor.  Since 2001, he has been heading the Department of Banking Business. In 1995, at  Kyiv National Economic University, he defended his thesis for the degree of a Candidate of Economic Sciences on the topic: "Fundamentals of the Organization and Functioning of Commercial Banks in  Market Economy", specialty 08.04.03 - "Credit, Banking and Money Circulation". In 2001, at the same university he defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Organization of Monetary and Credit Relations in the Conditions of Market Reforming of the Economy in Ukraine" in specialty 08.04.01 - "Finance, Money Circulation and Credit".


 In 2003 he was awarded the academic degreee of Professor. The scientific activity is connected with solving problems of optimization of the work of credit institutions . in particular: development of the main directions of the bank's credit policy and justification of the priority lines of credit operations; management of assets and liabilities of a commercial bank and support of financial stability of banking institutions; banking risk management; optimizing the work of the central bank; development of a strategy of monetary regulation of the economy; optimization for the application of the basic tools of realization of  monetary policy. Monographs and publications in leading professional publications ("Bulletin of the NBU", "Banking Business", "Finance of Ukraine", "Economy of Ukraine", "TNEU Bulletin", "World of Finance") reflect the section of economic science dealing with the problems of the theory of money, credit and banking in the context of the transformation of the economic system on a market basis. 

About the Department

 The Department of Banking of Ternopil National Economic University works tirelessly and its main activities are aimed at optimizing the educational process, taking into account the main methodological requirements for obtaining a higher economic education in the banking area, and bringing students closer to the organizational conditions of work in various subdivisions of commercial banks and the National Bank of Ukraine, with concrete demonstration of obtaining them practical skills for solution all the tasks facing the bank employees.


The purpose of the teaching staff of the Department for training specialists in the field of banking is to  provide professional knowledge in the field of organization and functioning of the banking system in a market economy. The lecturers of the Department developed educational-methodical tools in all disciplines, taught to students and which fully correspond to branch standards of higher education and are intended to provide the basic training of graduates,  and to create a broad analytical and scientific outlook. The Department constantly works on improving the methodical provision of the educational process, the application of new teaching methods, distance technologies, and the development of electronic educational and methodological complexes aimed at activating the students' independent academic and scientific work. An integral part of the Department's work is research, the content of which is determined by the tasks of deep fundamental and applied research aimed at optimizing the functioning of the banking system of Ukraine in the conditions of the globalization of economic processes, the completion of market reform of the national economy and ensuring the implementation of the strategy of economic growth. In addition, a combination of in-depth theoretical training with applied research results in core academic curricula enables students to obtain the deep scientific and practical knowledge needed to operate on the modern financial market. It is this approach that allows to train highly skilled banking professionals who become leaders and leading specialists in credit institutions.  



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Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy st., (TNEU Building #3,  room 3304) Ternopil, 46020 

Tel.: +38 0352 475050 (internal 13332)

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