Head of the Department

Bohdan Lutsiv

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

Email: lbl@tneu.edu.ua

Tel.: +38(0352)475058 (internal 13207#)

Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy, (TNEU Building #3, room 3207)

Ternopil, 46020
Has been at the institute of higher learning sinc e February 1990. In September 2005 defended the Doctorate Thesis, and on June 8, 2006 by the decision of  the Presidium of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine received his Doctorate in Economic Sciences in speciality of "Finance, Money Circulation and Credit". 
Bohdan Lutsiv headed the staff of the Departments of Monetary and Credit, and Banking Investment and Accounting for over six years, took a position of the Dean of the Faculty of Banking. In December 2005 he was appointed a Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work (International Relations). His has experience of scientific and pedagogical work of more than 30 years. 
After defending his Doctoral Dissertation, he prepared 15 scientific and methodological works. Among them: 13 research papers in professional editions; two study guides: "Investment Policy of Banks", "Investing" (co-authored); methodical recommendations on test quality control education at TNEU. The area of scientific interests - credit and investment activity of banks. 

About the Department

  The development of the Department is based on the idea of developing and consolidating leading positions in the western region of the country, aimed at training highly skilled professionals with the appropriate competence in banking, the availability of practical experience and the ability to solve research and practical tasks, value orientation, ability to satisfy both personal needs and the needs of society.

 At the Department pedagogical and scientific-methodical principles of the educational process of training specialists are brought in line with modern requirements and the latest achievements of domestic and foreign science. 

The main purpose of the Department of Banking Management and Accounting is to provide training of highly qualified specialists who will possess all necessary competencies in the period of intensifying innovation processes, considerable volatility of financial markets, updating business models of banking institutions activities.

The teaching staff of the department focuses on improving the quality of human capital as the basis for the welfare of society. Training an educated specialist in the financial and economic area involves focusing attention on ensuring the continuity of the learning process on the basis of knowledge management.

 The Department of Banking Management and Accounting carries out a fundamental, thorough process of knowledge accumulation both in the form of classroom training and as a self-improvement of knowledge and qualification levels.

Master's programme 
Taking into account the importance of the managerial orientation of the Master's degree, the Department of Banking Management and Accounting carries out the training of specialists for the domestic financial sector in the Master's programme "Banking Management"

 The content of the educational process is based on the use of new advances in the development of banking activities in the financial services market. In addition, taking into account the globalization and mobility of the educational process, the list of varied academic disciplines in most respects is consistent with the curricula of European higher education institutions, in particular the leading Polish economic universities in Krakow and Poznan.

While studying the disciplines of the Master's Programme "Banking Management" the students:

  • master the skills of financial management of the bank in accordance with the requirements of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and modern international banking practices;
  • expand the range of technologies and practices of HR-management in the banking sector;
  • will be able to use portfolio investment methods and tools in practice;
  • will acquire skills of implementing online trading through financial instruments and the development of automation algorithms for trading securities on the Ukrainian and international stock markets;
  • learn the methods managing banking operations risks, including those on the basis of VaR-methodology by RiskMetrics;
  • will acquire comprehensive knowledge on tools for selling banking products, taking into account the current achievements of behavioural finance.

Modern educational technologies are actively used in the educational process, including conducting training on the use of automated banking system B2, pursuing transactions with securities in the Quik trading and information system, and solving business cases in accordance with international educational programs in banking and finance.


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Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy st., (TNEU Building #3, room 3207)
Тernopil, 46020

Теl.: +38(0352)475058 (internal 13207#)
Еmail: bmotneu@ukr.net
Department website: bmo.ucoz.ua