Head of the Department

Hrynchutskyi Valerii Ivanovych

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor

Tel.: +38 0352 475050 (internal 13225)

Email: epik3403@tneu.edu.ua

Address: Room 3401, TNEU Building #3

3 Peremoha square, Ternopil

Valerii Hrynchutskyi was born in 1953. He graduated Kamianets-Podilskyi State Pedagogical Institute in 1974, with the specialty in History. He worked as a teacher of high school, a teacher of a technical school. He worked as a senior lecturer, associate professor, and head of department at Ternopil Ivan Puluj State Technical University from 1988 to 2001. In 1997, Valerii Hrynchutskyi helped create the Department of Marketing in Production Sphere at the same university. In 1998, he defended his doctoral thesis "Ukrainian Industrial Trusts in Years of New Economic Policy (1921-1929)", speciality 08.00.01 – Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought. In 2000, he was awarded the title of Professor of the Department of Marketing in Production Sphere. During his work at the technical university, he has supervised eight Candidates of Sciences, among them five – in marketing. His research was mainly devoted to industrial marketing, problems of economic history and history of economic thought.

Since 2001 he has headed the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Corporations of the Ternopil National Economic University. The subject of scientific research is devoted to the investment activity of enterprises, the efficiency of production activities of enterprises and the restructuring of enterprises. Professors and postgraduates of the department defend the candidate's theses on the problems of the enterprise's economy (production logistics, small business, investment activity of the enterprise, production efficiency) under his leadership. He provides a lot of work about methodological support of the disciplines of the department. 

All subjects at the department have the methodological support; lecture notes and practical tasks are developed for students, placed in the computer class of the department and accessible to students; tests from all educational disciplines are developed; seven textbooks were issued with the stamp of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The department carries out significant scientific work; lecturers of the department take part in scientific conferences and speak with reports at scientific seminars.

Valerii Ivanovich is the author of 100 scientific works, including 11 monographs and 6 textbooks, 36 candidate and 6 doctoral thesis have been defended under his guidance, he supervises the postgraduates.

About the Department

 The department was created in 1971 to train specialists in the field of "Industrial Planning". In July 1991, it was renamed the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Corporations. The department carries out training of specialists in specialties "Economics of Enterprise” and "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities”.


The Department of Economics of Enterprises and Corporations is fundamental, as it provides the University with the teaching of the course "Economics of Enterprise” for students of all specialties and forms of study.

During studying, graduates of the specialty "Economics of Enterprise” receive general education at the university level and deep special knowledge in economics, organization of production and sales of products, enterprise planning, bases of scientific research, etc.

Educational and professional programmes of specialists’ preparation are developed according to the state standards of training specialists in specialties "Economics and Management of Enterprise”. For students, besides the cycle of humanities and fundamental disciplines, more than 30 professionally-oriented disciplines are taught, as well as disciplines of choice, providing individual in-depth training in the chosen specialization and on request of enterprises.

         The level of methodical, material and technical, scientific, personnel support of the educational process at the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Corporations allows training the specialists of the specified profiles at the appropriate level in accordance with the state standards.
      Along with traditional forms of teaching such as lectures, practical lessons, seminars, considerable attention is paid to students' independent work, various forms of testing, including using computers, modelling economic situations, etc.
With the purpose of practical consolidation of the studied material, Production and Pre-diploma internships are arranged. Upon completion of the Pre-diploma internship, students complete their graduate thesis.

International Cooperation:

Within the framework of the signed TNEU cooperation agreements with a number of European universities, students and staff of the department can participate in international projects, conferences, seminars, trainings, etc. Every year, students are participants of the international linguistic projects ("Summer School – Ukraine”, "Winter School – Ukraine”), implemented jointly with the Wroclaw University of Economics. Project participants can improve their English and Polish language skills, which improves their competitiveness as future professionals on the labour market.
Graduates of the department can work in the positions of heads of enterprises, institutions and organizations, production and functional divisions of industrial enterprises; leading specialists and managers of economic services of enterprises, research and design organizations of all forms of ownership and branches of the national economy; economists of enterprises with contractual works, planning; economic advisers.
Specialists in the Economics of Enterprise can create different enterprises independently, effectively organize business activities, and work in other market structures (commodity and stock exchanges, etc.) in the current conditions.


 The department actively cooperates with enterprises of all forms of ownership in order to strengthen the practical training of specialists (conducting Production and Pre-diploma Internships of students, conducting lectures and practical classes), as well as conducting joint research and finding practical applications for its results.

Within the Department of Economics of Enterprises and Corporations there is a scientific school for the preparation of Candidates and Doctors of Sciences. The scientific school investigates a number of issues concerning the formation, functioning and improvement of the modern mechanism of management of industrial enterprises in the context of existing challenges. Current research topic: "Ensuring economic sustainability as a condition for effective development of Ukrainian industrial enterprises”.

        Areas of scientific research:

ensuring the efficiency of the production process and the competitiveness of enterprises;

management of production potential of industrial enterprises;

management of innovation and investment processes in entrepreneurship;

planning, forecasting and ensuring sustainable development of enterprises in various sectors of the economy;

forming organizational and economic mechanisms for implementing strategic changes at industrial enterprises;

ways of optimizing and ensuring the effectiveness of business processes at industrial enterprises;

forming a system of crisis management at industrial enterprises.

Lecturers of the department annually publish monographs, scientific articles, and textbooks, take part in scientific conferences of various levels, undergo internships in leading institutions of higher education of Ukraine and other states. The department is a co-organizer of international conferences.
Students of the Department are regular participants of student scientific conferences; participants and prize-winners of All-Ukrainian student Olympiads, competitions of student scientific works.
The department is equipped with an educational laboratory, where students are taught using computer technology with the use of advanced software.
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