Head of the Department

  Yevhen Kachan

 Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor

 Honoured Worker of National Education of Ukraine, Excellence in National Education of Ukraine, Full Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

 Scientific interests: human resources management, socio-demographic and economic territorial development, regional economics.



1. Regional Economics

2. Labour Capacity Management


Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy st.
TNEU Building #3, room: 3409
Теl.: 47-50-50*13-200
Email: ypire15@ukr.net

About the Department

    The Department of Personnel Management and Regional Economics was founded in 1969. The department graduates students of the specialty "Personnel Management and Labour Economics”. It prepares economists in the field of human resources management, who work successfully in the institutions and organizations such as the Ministry of Social Policy, the State Employment Centre, in the Departments of Social Security of the regional and district state administrations, at the positions of managers, leading specialists of economic and personnel services at enterprises.


The training of specialists is carried out by 18 highly skilled workers of the department, among them are professor Y.P. Kachan, associate professors, candidates of sciences L.P. Zaporozhan, O.P., N.M. Bakulina, Dyakiv, H.P. Babiak, A.B. Koshil, A.B. Martsinkovska, S.A. Nadvynychnyi, D.V. Tkach, V.V. Faifura, D.G. Shushpanov, V.M. Ostroverkhov, Z.M. Pushkar, O.Y. Tsisetskyi, N.M. Slivinska,  A.S. Kotsur, S.A. Prokhorovska, I.D. Illiash, , senior laboratory assistants - V.P. Kuzyshyn, O.M. Lysko. Lecturers of the department are working on improving their qualifications and are actively engaged in scientific work.

Postgraduate studies in specialties 08.00.05 - "Development of productive forces and regional economics" and 08.00.07 - "Demographics, labour economics, social economics and politics" function at the department. Currently there are 4 postgraduate students and 1 applicant.

The staff of the department conducted research work on the topic: "Analytical provision of the personnel enterprise management strategy".

In 2015, the monograph "Sustainable Development of the Agrarian-Industrial Region: Preconditions, Threats and Prospects of Achievement" was published. It was prepared by a group of authors under the scientific editorship of Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, rector of TNEU, A.I. Krysovatyy and Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor O.M. Desiatniuk.

 The teaching staff of the department carries out research work on the topic "Socio-economic potential of rural areas in the conditions of decentralization of power relations", scientific supervisor, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Professor Kachan.

The department regularly publishes a scientific journal "Regional Aspects of the Productive Forces Development of Ukraine", which is registered by the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine as a specialized economic publication.


The staff of the department has prepared and published a number of textbooks and course books, hundreds of scientific papers, which are used in preparing students not only in TNEU, but also in other universities of the country and are well-known in wide scientific circles.


The department serves all faculties of the university, teaching basic disciplines "Regional economics", "Economics of Labour and Social-labour Relations".

The staff of the department closely cooperates with the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine (V. Hetman KNEU, Ivan Franko Lviv National University, V. Hnatiuk TNPU, etc.).

Entrant Information

We invite you to study the specialty "Economics", an educational programme "Human Resources Management and Labour Economics" to obtain the educational degrees of Bachelor or Master. The preparation is carried out by highly-qualified scientific and pedagogical staff of the department.

The educational programme "Human Resources Management and Labour Economics" involves acquiring knowledge on labour economics, wages, labour organization, development and organization of personnel, socio-economic development of the population. At the same time, students substantially study accounting, financial affairs, macroeconomics and other disciplines. The collaboration of the department with a number of leading enterprises and institutions allows students to get advanced practical skills directly at workplaces.


The preparation of specialists in the educational programme "Human Resources Management and Labour Economics" is accredited the highest fourth level and is implemented in full-time and part-time modes of study since 1993. The theoretical training of staff managers is closely combined with acquiring practical skills in various state and industrial-economic establishments.

The training is conducted on a state-commissioned basis, as well as on a contract basis. Students are provided with a hostel. The military training of officers at the military department is carried out.


You should send certificates of external independent evaluation of the following subjects to the admissions commission:

1) Ukrainian language and literature;

2) mathematics;

3) geography or history of Ukraine (optional).


TNEU enrols students with a diploma of junior specialist for 3rd year of studying.


Graduates of all higher educational institutions of Ukraine, regardless of the received specialty, can enter for obtaining the Specialist’s or Master’s degrees, with an additional examination on the specialty.

Our graduates are successfully working

• in institutions and organizations of the Ministry of Social Policy, the State Employment Centre, the State Committee of Family and Youth Affairs, regional, city and district employment centres and social welfare departments of state administrations, structural units of the Pension Fund of Ukraine;

• as managers in government bodies, local executive bodies and their structural divisions;

• in local self-government bodies, territorial subdivisions of central executive authorities as managers and specialists;

• in research institutions, design and development organizations;

• as managers, leading specialists of economic and personnel services of enterprises of all forms of ownership and branches of the national economy;

• in financial, investment and insurance institutions as specialist-economists of labour, specialists of the personnel department, institution specialists, at organizations for regulating the labour market and employment of the population and their local structural divisions.


Address: 3 Maidan Peremohy st.
TNEU Building #3, Rooms: 3202, 3204
Теl.: 47-50-50*13-149
Email: ypire15@ukr.net