About the Department

 The Department of Entrepreneurship, Trade and Marketing was established on April 12, 2017. The department consists of two sections: "Marketing" and "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities".


The department graduates students with Bachelor and Master Degrees in the following specialities:


075 "Marketing" (professional direction "Internet marketing");

076 "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities".

Duration of study:
BACHELOR - 4 years for full-time and part-time study;
MASTER - 1,5 years for full-time and part-time study.


Graduates of technical colleges, colleges, vocational schools, who have obtained the Junior Specialist degree (Junior Bachelor), are enrolled to the 3rd year of study and study in a shortened Bachelor's programme (2 years).


Speciality "MARKETING" (code 075) offers full-time (intramural) or part-time (extramural) studies for obtaining the Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and the Doctor of Philosophy degree.


An agreement was signed between TNEU and Społeczną Akademijos Nauk (Poland) about the possibility of studying in a Master’s programe of double diploma for graduates of our department.


There is a Club of Entrepreneurs and Marketers, attended by successful entrepreneurs, marketing and trade professionals, who share practical experience with students.


Possible areas of employment for graduates with a Bachelor of Marketing are:

• Internet marketing;

• marketing research;

• CRM;

•development of the company's advertising campaign;

• development of promotions for sales promotion;

• PR campaigns;

• studying the tastes and preferences of customers;

• monitoring the situation on the market, developing a competitive strategy;

• SMM;

• SEO;

• branding;

• Email marketing.

Master of Marketing provides:
• planning, organizational, analytical, forecasting, management of marketing activities at enterprises:
• Internet marketing,
• development of marketing policy and strategy of the enterprise,
• strategic and tactical planning of marketing activities,
• business planning,
• planning of product, pricing, communication policy,
• planning of distribution and marketing policies for products and services;
• marketing research of domestic, international and world markets, forecasting market conditions,
• organization of the marketing service and coordination of its activities,
• management of marketing activities;
• teaching in higher educational institutions of the I-IV levels of accreditation.
There is postgraduate study in specialty 08.00.04 - "Economics and management of enterprises (by types of economic activity)"
The speciality "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities" is relatively new and promising among the specialties of economic direction. This is substantiated by transformation processes in the economic life, the reaction of the education system to the market needs and the situation on the labor market.
The training of managers and professionals in this specialty is aimed at providing applicants with the necessary knowledge and stimulating their acquisition of professional skills for further management, organizational, commercial, analytical and research activities in the field of trade, management, economics and entrepreneurship in various fields.
The peculiarity of this specialty is that it allows graduates to not only find employment in enterprises, institutions and organizations of different fields of activity, but also start their own business in the field of production, trade, consulting services, restaurant, real estate, logistics, etc.

The advantages of the specialty are the opportunities to:

• establish and develop their own business;

• provide quality services and transactions on commodity exchanges;

• combine study of economics, entrepreneurship, business law, management, marketing and modern information technologies;

• master the foundations of socio-economic relations, business communication and entrepreneurial ethics;

• make competent operational decisions within the limits of the functions performed;

• manage subdivisions in large companies and organizations in different fields of activity;

• prepare, substantiate and implement their own projects and business ideas;

• manage the enterprises, firms, institutions in the sphere of production, trade, stock exchange activities, etc.

Bachelor's Degree positions in the specialty "Entrepreneurship, Trade and Exchange Activities":
· economists in the analysis of economic activity, accounting, planning, pricing, international trade;
· dealers (stock traders) and brokers;
· specialists in stock transactions, finance, trade;
· realtors, real estate dealers;
· sales agents, agents, inspectors;
· sales organizers, forwarders;
· merchants;
· purchasers;
· commercial auditors;
· organizers of exhibition and fair events, auctioneers and others.
The staff of the Department of Business, Trade and Marketing of TNEU provides the following services:
• marketing research;
• analysis of market;
• development of business plans for commercial and social projects;
• development of marketing programmes;
• development of investment projects of enterprise development;
• development of the marketing strategy of an enterprise;
• Internet marketing.


In addition, we offer a wide range of classical educational and methodological services, including lectures, seminars, trainings, etc.

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