Head of the Department


Kneysler Olha Volodymyrivna

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor.

Room: 1403

Tel.: 47-50-77 * 11-145

E-mail: o.kneisler@tneu.edu.ua

About the Department

The Department of Finances of Economic and Insurance Entities was established on September 1, 1985. 

During 1985-1991 it was called the Department of State Insurance and Finance of the branches of the national economy. 

During 1991-2007 - Department of Insurance.

Since July 2, 2007 - Department of Finances of Economic and Insurance Entities.

The creation of the department was in line with the direction of the Faculty of Finance to deepen the professional training of Bachelors and Masters for work in state institutions, enterprises of the real sector of the economy of various organizational forms and forms of ownership.

The Department of Finance of Economic and Insurance Entities prepares graduates in the field of «Finance, Banking and Insurance».

It trains Bachelors in the speciality "Finances of Economic and Insurance Entities", Specialists in the specialization "Financial Activities of Economic Entities" and Masters in the master's programme "Financial Management of Economic Entities".

The teaching staff provide educational process, scientific research and teaching and methodological work. It counts 16 persons, including 3 Doctors of Economic Sciences, 13 Candidates of Economic Sciences.

The teaching staff of the department carries out teaching of disciplines in Ukrainian and Polish. The department provides teaching of 25 disciplines.  Among them are:

- general disciplines in the university: "Insurance", "Business Finance", "Financial Management", "Insurance Services", "Financial Activities of Economic Entities"; 

- disciplines for professional training in the speciality "Finance and Credit": "Financial Market", "Financial Services Market", "Financial Sanction and Bankruptcy of the Enterprise", "Management of Financial Rehabilitation of the Enterprise"; 

- discipline for professional training in a professional direction: "Financial Activities of Economic Entities".

The department fully provides the educational process with all the necessary teaching aids and methodological developments of the specified disciplines.

The activity of the department is connected with all faculties of the university, where the normative disciplines and disciplines of the variable component of training specialists in certain areas are taught.

The department carries out training of specialists for work in:

•institutions of state and local government and administration;

•economic entities of all forms of ownership and organizational-legal types;

•the real and financial sectors of the economy.

Our graduates can be employed in banking institutions, non-bank lenders, insurance companies, enterprises, joint-stock companies, institutions and organizations.

During the period of studying at the university, students have the opportunity:

•to be trained in insurance companies of Ukraine;

•to participate in all-Ukrainian and international scientific conferences and seminars with the participation of scientists and practitioners-financiers.

Graduate students have the opportunity to get a job while studying at the university. There is a possibility of employment of students of junior courses of full-time and part-time forms of study.

The staff of the Department engages students in research work in the following areas: "Financial Management of Economic Entities" and "Insurance Business".

The department cooperates with leading universities of Ukraine and abroad, owns a teaching-methodical office equipped with modern computer equipment.


TNEU Building № 1, room 1413
11 Lvivska st., Ternopil, 46020
Tel.: 47-50-50*11-139