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1st International Week

6-05-2019, 11:00 News / Events

 Dear Colleagues,

Ternopil National Economic University is pleased to announce its 1st International Week which will be held from 9th to the 15th of September, 2019.

If You wish to spend a week in unforgettable international surroundings, with the opportunity to both hold lectures and start new friendly relations and establish cooperation, join our 1st International Week at the Ternopil National Economic University.

The particular aim of the programme is to provide the opportunity to listen to the courses delivered by visiting lecturers from our partner institutions, at the same time strengthening already existing, as well as preparing and designing new collaborations in the teaching, research and project activities between the partners and institutions.

This International Week is directed at the teaching and administrative staff dealing with the international cooperation, exchange programmes and international students. The International Week also gives participants the opportunity to broaden and strengthen cooperation between partner institutions in both educational and/or research projects.

It is our pleasure to invite you to attend the 1st International Week, so do not miss out on the chance to take part in this extraodinary event!

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TNEU was visited by the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands

13-04-2019, 12:38 News

 At the invitation of Director of B. Havrylyshyn ERIIER Iryna Ivashchuk, TNEU was visited by the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands in Lviv, Andrii Hrynchuk. The guest had the opportunity to tour the university and meet with the Head of International Office, Uliana Koruts. Mr. Hrynchuk enjoyed his time in Ternopil and he promised to visit our university again soon.

Lecture by the Nord University Professor

11-04-2019, 18:00 News

 Today there was a special guest at TNEU - a scientist from the Nord University - Bord Michalsen. He gave a lecture on Project Management within the framework of the project "Ukraine-Norway". The scientist described the main principles of directing a team and managing resources, communications, risks, quality, as well as the methods of evaluation, planning, monitoring and control. Teaching staff and students had an opportunity to share their thoughts and gain new experience. The lecturer was well liked - interesting, charismatic, and professional.

TNEU Students participated in the "High North Dialogue - 2019" conference

6-04-2019, 13:27 News

 During April 3-4th, TNEU students studying at the University of Nord Business School (Bodø, Norway) under the Erasmus + Global Mobility programme had a unique opportunity to take part in the High North Dialogue 2019, a world-renowned conference organized by the Nord University and Nordland country council.

The event brought together people interested in Arctic development. This conference was devoted to the development of Smart Cities, Blue Economy, Transport and Infrastructure, Business Index North (BIN), etc. Political and public figures, scholars and students from all over the world (USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, China, etc.) took part in the conference. The conference is held annually since 2006. The opening speech of the conference was given by Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway and co-chair of the High-level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

Representatives from 7 countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Canada, the United States of America and the European Union) have also participated in the discussion panel on sustainable development in the Far North. The program of the conference was full of interesting sections, during which students themselves had the opportunity to present their research and thus become part of such a grand event.