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The Publication Game – Publish or Perish – seminar by Bjarne Rerup Schlichter

4-04-2019, 13:32 News

 The  Department of International Economic Relations invites everyone to participate in the seminar "The Publication Game – Publish or Perish" by professor of Aarhus University (Denmark) B. Schlichter. The seminar will be held on April 9, 2019 at 12.50 in the TNEU building No. 10 (Center for European and International Studies), at the address: 9, T. Shevchenko Boulevard, auditorium 47.

Postgraduate students, teachers and all interested persons are invited.

Language of instruction: English

For more information contact the Department of International Economic Relations of TNEU - tel. 52-40-46.

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WSB University delegation visited TNEU

22-03-2019, 15:14 News

 On March 20, the TNEU administration had a working meeting with our Polish partners - the head of the Pedagogical Department Marek Walancik and the Vice-Rector for International Relations Rafał Rębilas from the WSB University.

During the meeting, the conditions for signing a cooperation agreement for the development of joint programs and participation in projects were discussed. WSB University is highly regarded among higher education institutions of the Republic of Poland. Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to study in the following specialties: international business, international economics, management, financial management, tourism, sociology, logistics.

In accordance with the agreements, TNEU representatives will take part in international scientific conferences, which will take place from May to October 2019 in the Republic of Poland.

During the meeting, the colleagues also discussed the possibility of developing a dual diploma program, as well as participation in joint grant projects funded by the Government of Poland and the European Union.

Global Money Week starts at TNEU

20-03-2019, 14:43 News

 On March 20, the TNEU Faculty of Finance hosted the grand opening of the Global Money Week Global Campaign under the motto "Learn! Save! Earn!"

Various TNEU professors gave speeches and greeted the students and guests, including the Vice-Rector for Innovation and International Relations, the Faculty Dean and the Departmant Heads. They noted that during this week many events, seminars, projects, presentations and financial awareness competitions are happening in 170 countries of the world in order to attract public attention to financial education and financial literacy; to inspire children and young people to learn more about money and savings, how to earn and manage their finances, conduct business, etc.

Join Global Money Week 2019 to learn how to save and make money, and start building a fortune!

TNEU students participated in an internship at Palessie State University (Pinsk)

15-03-2019, 14:26 News

 During 4th-9th of March, TNEU students were on internship in Palessie State University (Pinsk) and had the opportunity to discover Belarus in a new light. The trip was filled with bright emotions and memorable events, new acquaintances and valuable experiences.

During the internship students had an opportunity to discover the peculiarities of the educational process, cultural heritage, opportunities and traditions of the university, the city of Pinsk and Belarus as a whole. The stay was eventful: interesting lectures, communication with teachers and students, exchange of contacts, visits to the sports complex, excursions, a trip to Brest and much more.