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Day of Student Self-Government at TNEU

 Yesterday, on October 23, in Ternopil National Economic University, activists organized the Day of Student Self-Government. This event plays an important role in the life of the university, because leadership skills must be developed in a student environment. In the morning, Rector of the University Andriy Krysovatyy and the chairman of the University Student Council Stanislav Novosad signed a Memorandum, which regulated the procedure for the functioning of the TNEU structural units on the day of student self-government.

Each of the student activists had the opportunity to gain valuable experience, to learn more about the activities of the structural units of TNEU, to get acquainted with interesting people, and also offered their own ideas for their further practical implementation. The day ended with a meeting of administration, during which University activists reported about the work done.

Intellectual Student Races

 Students of our university are funny, active, and cheerful. Everyone had the opportunity to witness it on October 17 at the university's exhibition hall during the intellectual games called "Student races", organized by the staff of the Department of Humanities and Education. The teams of all faculties competed in a friendly environment, answered questions about student life, the history of celebration of the Ukrainian Student Day, the history of TNEU, photo, video, music questions, and learned a lot of new interesting information.

Of course, as in all competitions, there were winners.

The first place was achieved by the  team of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing - "Mother's Sun", which received a transition Cup and sweet gifts from the organizers of the "race". In second place was the team "Born Champions" of the College of Economics, Law and Information Technologies, and in third - the "Name It Later" team of the Faculty of Economics and Management.

Day of Health at Faculty of Accounting and Audit

 On October 16, professors and students of the Faculty of Accounting and Audit arrived at the University on bicycles, since the FAA community organized the "Day of Health", which supported the "Green University" development concept of the higher education institution.

The courtyard near the TNEU Building #2 was voluminous, lively and filled with fun throughout the day. Here continued competitions on racing bikes, rollerblading, skipping ropes. Students together with teachers overcome makeshift obstacle course. Director of the Department of Health of the Ukrainian Unitary Conference Serhii Lutskyi conducted a lecture on "Health Education and Secrets of Personal Success". In the end, everybody had the opportunity to take part in tasting delicious and healthy dishes, as well as to go through a medical examination.

The staff of the Faculty of Accounting and Auditing of TNEU wishes everyone good health and passes the torch to the Faculty of Finance!

Congratulations to Andrii Vavryk!

 During October 3-4, the First Forum of European Union Networks in Ukraine was held in Kyiv. The event gathered representatives of Euroclubs, EU information centers, graduates of European educational programs, as well as other activists and experts from all over Ukraine cooperating with the EU Delegation in Ukraine. The purpose of the Forum is to familiarize the network members with the latest developments in EU-Ukraine relations and to share lessons learned.

During the Forum, an awards ceremony for the winners of the Contest on the topic of education in the EU and cooperation between Ukraine and the EU took place. More than 130 videos were submitted to the competition. The theme of this year was education, as well as cooperation between Ukraine and the EU. Videos were evaluated in two categories: "professionals", for participants with specialized education or experience in the field of video production, and "amateurs", that is, those who did not have the relevant experience

The first place in the category "Professionals", according to the decision of the professional jury was awarded to Andrii Vavryk, TNEU student ("Marketing", Faculty of Economics and Management) for his video "Benefits of Studing in Europe".


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