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Become a leader right now - join the International Youth Organization AIESEC

 The international youth organization AIESEC is an organization created by young people for youth. We are always looking for young, active, ambitious people who are committed to making the world a better place for future generations. And the application window is now open!

AIESEC is an international youth organization that helps young people develop through the creation of diverse projects to improve the cities in which this organization exists. So if you:

  • - are interested in obtaining practical experience in various fields (Management, SMM, HR, Event-management and many others);
  • - want to find people who find like-minded people and make changes in your city;
  • - and, of course, want to improve your English proficiency while working in an organization.

Interested? At AIESEC, you can find many more opportunities.
Do not waste time, fill in the registration form and become a member of the largest youth organization in the world - AIESEC.

Go to the link here:

Participate in an internship from AIESEC!

 Dear friend! Opportunities for volunteer internships are already open to you at http://aiesec.ua/global-volunteer.


Global Volunteer is an intensive volunteer experience abroad for a period of 6 weeks, which allows you to work on projects that help solve important social problems. Through these projects we strengthen the cooperation between people and create a stable and healthy future.


In general, thanks to the Global Volunteer program, young people from all over the world have the opportunity to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills while working on social projects. It helps you study new cultures, expand your worldview and achieve a unique combination of intercultural, social and entrepreneurial experience, which positively impacts the personal development of a young person.


Projects are open all year long, depending on your availability. However, you better hurry up because the number of spots is limited!

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