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Coordinator of the Ukrainian-Polish program
Shchyrba Iryna – Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of Department of Audit, Revision and Analysis
Address: 11 Lvivska St., room 1221
Phone: (0352) 47-50-73;
Internal phone: 11112
E-Mail: programa.u-p@tneu.edu.ua  

The Ukrainian-Polish program is an international program that is a part of the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations of the Ternopil National Economic University and cooperates with the leading higher educational institutions of the Republic of Poland based on agreements of educational and research cooperation
Benefits of studying at the Program:
- semester training at Polish higher education institutions partners (free of charge);
- internship of Ukrainian students at Polish institutions (free of charge);
- participation at the Summer School of Polish Language and Culture;
- participation in international scientific conferences;
- organization of the Ukrainian-Polish student forum;
- possibilities for the publication of scientific articles in scientific journals issued by TNEU and partner universities of Poland according to the agreements;
- participation in volunteer projects implemented in the countries of the European Union.
     The program is the organizer of international scientific and practical seminars that take place in Ukraine and the Republic of Poland.
During the period of the program's function more than 200 students spent semester studying at the leading universities of the Republic of Poland.
      Annually students of the program organize the Ukrainian-Polish student forum, which takes place by Rector’s support of TNEU.
The undoubted advantage of studying at the Program is the exchange of students (short term studies for one semester at one of the leading universities in the Republic of Poland), where students have the opportunity to choose English or Polish programs to deepen the existing knowledge base of economic subjects, general and economic courses of the Polish language, attend lectures and practical classes and write the final scientific work. After graduation students receive certificates.

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Benefits of the Programme

Date: 11-11-2013, 15:27

 The programme of two diplomas is an effective tool to overcome the dilemmas of choosing alternatives - education in Europe or in Ukraine.


Now, in order to obtain a generally recognized diploma from a prestigious European university, it is not necessary to study extra for 3-4 years outside the home country.


Payment is made only for one semester of study at Wroclaw Economic University, which allows you to save on family budget expenditures not only on tuition fees, but also on the cost of living abroad for a shorter period of time.


A student of the program of two diplomas receives a solid knowledge of economic disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the academic schools of the Ukrainian and Polish sides.


Since the studies in the Republic of Poland will be conducted in Polish or English, the program of two diplomas will be an exceptional opportunity to improve the skills of foreign languages both at the household level and at the level of professional economic communication.


The graduate of the program of two diplomas gets the opportunity to successfully work in both the labor market of Ukraine and the EU countries.

              Studying the program of two diplomas allows you to experience the unsurpassed atmosphere of academic mobility, which is fed into the student community of the leading countries of the world. The combination of professional disciplines, language practice, visiting places of interest and lively communication allows you to feel the true atmosphere of European education. Bright memories of the unforgettable time spent not only on the student's bench, but also outside the university, will be followed by a graduate program throughout their lives.


Contact Information

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For more information on the terms of training under the program of two diplomas can be obtained from the coordinators of the program:


B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations

Тaranov І. М.;


Ukrainian-Polish Programme Coordinator

Shchyrba І.М.