TNEU launches spring semester for Ukraine-Norway project

7-04-2020, 14:04 News

 On April 6, Ternopil National Economic University hosted an online opening of the spring semester of the courses "Retraining and social adaptation of military officers, veterans and their families in Ukraine. Integration of the Norway-Ukraine project model into the state system".

Distance learning at TNEU - modern opportunities for knowledge modernization

6-04-2020, 11:27 News

 Now video lectures, open access to study resources, completion of all assignments remotely, and online assessment are not just something from a Hollywood movie, but rather a mode of distance education that is compliant with anti-pandemic restraints.

TNEU Volunteers help foreign students

3-04-2020, 17:30 News

 Volunteers of TNEU Law Faculty continue to help quarantined people in need. They have not forgotten about foreign students of higher education institutions, as young people are left alone in a foreign country and also need support.

It is heartening that TNEU youth are ready to help one another, regardless of their nationality and language barriers.

If you would like to join the volunteer team - call (063) 907-02-88, Iryna.

XII International Conference on Impact of Modernity on Science and Practice

2-04-2020, 16:30 News

 XII International Conference on Impact of Modernity on Science and Practice will be held in Edmonton, Canada on April 13-14, 2020. Submission is open until 23:59 April 11.