Head of the Department Accounting, Economic and Legal Support for Agroindustrial Business

Ruslan Brukhanskyi 
Head of the TNEU Union, Head of the Social Insurance Commission of TNEU
Doctor of Economic Sciences
Associate Professor

Scientific interests: accounting and analytical support of strategic management, accounting and analysis in the system of strategic management

Phone: +38 (0352) 47-50-79; 47-50-50*12-221 

E-mail: r.brukhanskyi@tneu.edu.ua

Department Accounting, Economic and Legal Support for Agroindustrial Business

 «Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family»

Department of accounting, economic and legal support of agroindustrial business is the leading graduate department of the University with a 50-year history. Personnel of the department consists of 15 full-time people, formed by highly professional specialists, including 5 doctors of economic sciences, professors, 9 - candidates of sciences (PhD in economics), associate professors. The members of the department have significant experience in scientific, pedagogical and practical work in the specialty, are certified experts, interned abroad. The qualification of the teaching staff corresponds to the profile of the department and the academic disciplines taught by the educational programs.

The head of the department is Brukhansky Ruslan Feoktystovych, Doctor of Economics, Professor; Member of the Federation of Auditors, Accountants and Financiers of the AIC of Ukraine; Certified Professional Accountant of AIP, Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine; Editor-in-chief of the International Scientific Journal "Institute of Accounting, Control and Analysis in the conditions of globalization”.

At one time the department was headed by G.Y. Lebedynsky, I.O. Belebeha, P.Y. Khomyn, Y.Y. Lytvyn, I.G. Yaremchuk, M.S. Paluch, M.K. Parchomets.

Among the more than 10 thousand graduates of the department are the President of Ukraine, the Minister, the mayor of the regional centre, heads of local communities, well-known cultural figures and clergy, scientists, heads of large agro-industrial enterprises, firms and companies, and chief accountants in various fields of activity.

The staff of the department carries out training of specialists:

- for educational and professional training programs for higher education graduates at the second (Master) level: "Accounting and legal support of agribusiness” in the specialty "Accounting and taxation”; "Expert evaluation of land and real estate” and "Applied economics” on the specialty "Economics”.

- for educational programs for the preparation for higher education graduates at the first (Bachelor) level: "Accounting and legal support of agribusiness” in the specialty "Accounting and taxation”; "Expert evaluation of land and real estate” in the specialty "Economics”.

The department has branches in Lviv and Rivne regions.

The department has postgraduate and doctoral degree program, which allows to training specialists of the highest qualification for education and science.

At the same time, the staff of the department carries out research works on state and custom-made enterprises, institutions, individuals and legal entities at the local level as well as regional significance. At present, the department carries out the state budget scientific research projects "Conceptual bases of accounting and analytical support of agro-industrial production development”, two scientific projects at the expense of customers: "Substantiation of the development strategy for business entities in agrarian business”; "Scientific substantiation of cryptocurrency in Ukraine”.

According to the results of scientific research, during the last five years 11 monographs, 234 articles in professional journals, 26 articles in editions, which are included in international scientometric bases, 14 articles in foreign editions, over 300 theses, 9 textbooks and tutorials, 56 methodological manuals were published by the staff of the department.

The collective annually conducts the All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students, graduate students, young scientists "Accounting, analytical and legal support of the economy of Ukraine institutional sectors in the conditions of European integration and innovation development”.

Our business partners are the related departments of Kyiv National Economic University, named after Vadym Hetman; Odessa National Economic University; Lviv Polytechnic National University; Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture, named after Petro Vasylenko; Department of Agro-Industrial Development of Ternopil Regional State Administration; Ternopil Regional Agricultural Advisory Service; Private agro-industrial enterprise Agroprodservis, Agroholding "Mriya”, PE "Agron”, "Berezovsky” Farm, "Gadz” Farm and many others.

Head of the Department Accounting, Economic and Legal Support for Agroindustrial Business