Acting head of the Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management

Rozum Ruslan

Associate professor, PhD

Phone: +38 0352 47 50 50 *12286
Room: 2220

Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management

 Teaching and research work carried out at the Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management is curated by Professor, Honored inventor of Ukraine, Full Member of the Engineering Academy of Ukraine R. B. Hevko. All teachers of the Department are inventors. Over the years the department inventors have filed more than 130 applications for inventions and utility models and have received appropriate security documents - patents of Ukraine. This confirms the high level of scientific and technological development. Materials inventions, which received 150 patents of Ukraine, are used in the educational process of Ternopil National Economic University.

Department staff is working on a scientific topic "Economic and Environmental Assessment of Sustainable Use of Wood Biomass" as well as on a number of contractual research topics.

Department staff provides training in the following areas:


for the degrees of Bachelor and Master; 


for the degree of Bachelor.

Specialty «Surveying and Land Management» is characterized by a high level of importance, due to the complexity and dynamism of processes in the areas of land use, land management, and land protection. In addition, a strong argument for strengthening the importance of specialization in modern conditions is active development, dissemination and use of advanced technologies in the practice of geodesists and land surveyors. Therefore, the main objective of the specialty is the creation of highly qualified specialists, capable of providing the full range of geodetic work (shooting terrain processing geodetic measurements, making them into place, ensuring geodetic control of construction, etc.) using modern high-tech equipment; perform complex professional activity in land use (to provide efficient use of land, their protection, monitor the observance of land legislation, support the maintenance of the land account, etc.); and also provide the formation, maintenance and use of the land cadastre, land use documentation, etc. 

The result of training in the specialty "Geodesy and Land Management" is gaining professional competencies that enable to:

develop and make rational decisions about the use and disposal of land and real estate feasibility justify their purchase, sale or investment attraction;
form surveyor regulatory documents, design estimate regulatory information, documentation of compliance with building and operating standards;
provide support assessment of land and property, to form a reasoned expert opinion on their value.
carry out an examination of land and buildings for compliance with building and operating standards
keep records of land and land users spend updating and updated the land registry.
Having a degree in "Surveying and Land Management", a graduate can work in the areas of:

Geodesy and land management in State land registry system;
departments of architecture and urban planning;
inventory and valuation of land and immovable property;
building, research, and design organizations;
industrial enterprises and surveying organizations;
in local government.
Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management works closely with various international exchange programmes and training students, including APOLLO e.V. (Germany), an agricultural program of the University of Minnesota (USA), training specialists in agriculture and farmers (Germany) and others. Accordingly, studying here you get a chance to train in Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, USA and other countries.

 Our students and our graduates are our pride. Among them, many winners of subject Olympiads and competitions of scientific works, confirming the high level of the department. There are many leaders, scientists and experts in economics, management, business, law, natural resources and environmental conservation activities among our graduates.

Education Management at the Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management is not limited to classrooms. Our students have the opportunity for harmonious development of personality. They can engage in numerous sports clubs (football, basketball, handball, volleyball, table tennis, weightlifting and athletics, other sports), amateur clubs, participate in artistic and cultural events within and outside the University. Employees of the Department Bioresources and Environmental Management organize and assist in conducting training and educational tourism in advanced enterprises and institutions of the region, cultural and historical attractions and natural protected sites of Ukraine.

Acting head of the Department of Bioresources and Environmental Management