Admission to Doctoral studies

                                        Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 
                                             Ternopil National Economic University
                                    Admission 2018 to Doctoral Studies on contractual basis                                                                                                            in the below specialties:

    05- Social and Behavior Science
053- Psychology
    07- Management and Administration
071 – Accounting and Taxation
072 – Finance, Banking Business and Insurance
073 – Management
075 – Marketing
076 – Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Business
    28 - Public Management and Administration
281 - Public Management and Administration
    29-International Relations
292 - International Economic Relations
The entrant to the Doctoral study is required to submit the application  for the name of  the University Rector, followed by the below documents:
1. Personal sheet, 1 photo;
2. Autobiography (CV);
3. List of published research papers (according to the approved form);
4. Detailed plan of the Dissertation for scientific degree of a Doctor 
5. Extract from the minutes of the Department meeting on the recommendation for Doctoral studies;
6. Presentation on the topic of Doctor’s Dissertation;
7. Copy of the Candidate’s Diploma / PhD; 
8. Copy of Assistant Professor’s license;
9. A copy of the work record certified by the last job;
10. Entrant’s characteristics  given by the Doctor of Science who is a full-time scientific and educational or scientific staff member of TNEU with the consent to provide the applicant with scientific advising in the event of his/her admission to Doctoral studies
11. Copy of the identity document and citizenship (copy of the passport);
12.. A Copy of taxpayer card;
The passport , the Diploma and the License the entrant submits in person.
Term of study – 2 years
The University provides the Doctoral studies at the expense of legal entities and individuals  on the contractual basis .
All entrants to the Doctoral studies are interviewed by a probable academic adviser.
The accommodation in the hostel is provided.
Reception of documents: from 01 to 16 March 2018;
Admission: till April 2, 2018
University address: 46000, Ternopil,  Lvivska st., 11,  building № 1,
Postgraduate and Doctoral Department , tel. +38 (0352) 47-58-62,
Admission Commission  tel. 47-50-60