Admission to Post-graduate studies

Announcement for admission to Post-graduate and Doctoral Studies 2018

                                                   Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine 
                                                        Ternopil National Economic University
                                             admission to Post-graduate and Doctoral Studies 2018
                                                    (intramural,  extramural format of studies)
                                                                 in the below specialties:

    01 -      Education
011 -  Education, Pedagogic Science
    02  -    Culture and Art
029 – Information, Library and Archive Business
    03 – Humanities
032 – History and Archeology
    05 – Social and Behavior Science  
051 - Economics
052-  Political Science
053 - Psychology 
    07 - Management and Administration
071 - Accounting and Taxation
072 - Finance, Banking and Insurance
073 - Management
075 - Marketing
076 - Entrepreneurship, Trade and Stock Business
    08 - Law
081 - Law
    12 - Information Technology
121 - Software Engineering
122 - Computer Science
123 - Computer Engineering
124 - System Analysis
    15 - Automation and Instrumentation
151 - Automation and Computer-integrated Technologies
    23 - Social Work
232 - Social Security
    28 - Public Management and Administration
281 - Public Management and Administration
    29-International Relations
292 - International Economic Relations
Entrants to the Postgraduate studies take competitive entrance examinations in specialties, philosophy and one of the foreign languages (English, German, French) within the programs of higher educational  institutions.
Postgraduate studies - 4 years.
The University provides the Postgraduate studies at the expense of legal entities and individuals - under the terms of the contract within the limits of the license set.
Persons who have partially completed the candidate's exams are exempted from the relevant entrance exams to the Postgraduate studies.
All entrants to the Postgraduate studies are interviewed by a probable academic adviser.
The accommodation in the hostel is provided.
The application for admission to the postgraduate study is submitted to the Rector of the University. The applicant is required to specify the format of postgraduate training (intramural, extramural), specialty and the foreign language the entrant will take the exams.
The following documents are submitted:
1. Personal sheet, 1 photo;
2. Autobiography (CV);
3. A copy of the work record certified by the last job;
4. List of published scientific works (according to the approved form);
5. Extract from the meeting minutes of the Academic Council of the University (for persons recommended for postgraduate studies immediately after graduation from the higher educational institution);
6. A copy of the state standard document on the previously acquired educational qualification level (Specialist), the educational degree (Master's degree), on the basis of which the entrant is admitted, and the annex thereto (in case of obtaining appropriate education abroad - a copy of Diploma on recognition);
7. Certificate of the passed candidate's exams;
8. A copy of the identity document and citizenship (copy of the passport);
9. A Copy of taxpayer card;
The passport and the diploma on the graduation from the higher educational institution the entrant submits in person.
Reception of documents: from 01 to 16 March 2018;
Entrance examinations:  from March 19 to March 28, 2018
Admission: till April 2, 2018.
University address: 46000, Ternopil,  Lvivska st., 11,  building № 1,
Postgraduate and Doctoral Department , tel. +38 (0352) 47-58-62,
Admission Commission  tel. 47-50-60