Vasyl Martyniuk

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Room: 11-303
Tel.: (0352) 53-80-99; 47-50-50

Internal tel.: 10-000


Scientific Interests: financial support of educational institutions of Ukraine

About the College

The main goal of the college is to carry out educational activities in licensed specialties, which will provide training for Junior Specialists capable of competing on the labuor market.



Since 2016, the college trains Junior Specialists in the following specialties:

081 «Law» (specialty 08 «Law»);

072 «Finance, Banking and Insurance Business» (specialty 07 «Management and Administration»);

073 «Management» (specialty 07 «Management and Administration»);

123 «Computer Engineering» (specialty 12 «Information Technologies»).

Contact Information:

Address: 11a Lvivska st.,  Ternopil, 46020

Tel./fax: (0352) 53-80-99