Head of the Department of International Economics

 Vitalina Ye. Kuryliak


Doctor of Economic Sciences (2012), Professor (2014), Full Member of the Full Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, specialty "International Economic Relations" (2002).

Room: 1204

Phone: 47-50-75

E-mail: v.kuruliak@tneu.edu.ua

Subjects: «International Economics», «Global economy», «International Management».


Department of International Economics

  Department of International Economics was created by the Rector's order No.248, from May 25, 2009. However, the real beginnings of the department date back to 1993, when the Department of Management and International Economics, Financial and Credit Relations and Marketing was established. Today it is one of the leading and most progressive departments in the University. The Department prepares highly trained professionals in the educational programme «International Economics», in particular Bachelors in specialities: «European Economics», «Global Economics and International Law», «International Economics (English-language programme)», as well as Masters in the same specialities.
The Department offers doctoral and postdoctoral studies in speciality 08.00.02. – «Global Economy and International Economic Relations».
The Head of the Department is Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor Vitalina Kuryliak.
The staff of the Department consists of 16 people: 3 Doctors of Sciences and 13 Candidates of Sciences.
Every year the Department holds an International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists.
The Department has established scientific cooperation with foreign partner institutions and participates in international projects, such as: 

Name and code of the programme (duration)

Subject area

Partners [country]

European Economic Studios and

Business Relations

T_JEP-10762-1999 (3)

T260 – European Studies and International Relations

University of them J.-V. Goethe (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

University of them Erasmus (Rotterdam, the Netherlands)

Higher School of Economics, Rotterdam University (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Ternopil Academy of National Economy (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Improvement of Bachelor's Degree Programmes in Economics and Management

CD_JEP-22191-2001 (3)

T300 – Management and Business

Aarhus Academy of Business (Arhus, Denmark)

University of Leeds (Leeds, the UK)

Harlem High School (Central Intuition) (Harlem, Netherlands)

Ternopil Academy of National Economy (Ternopil, Ukraine)

European Educational Standards of International Tourism Economics

CD_JEP-24244-2003 (3)


T240 – Economics and Applied Sciences


Technological Institute of Western Macedonia (Greece)

Zhytomyr National Technical University (Zhytomyr, Greece)

Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona, Spain)

Kyiv International University (Kiev, Ukraine)

Ternopil Academy of National Economy (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Crisis Analysis and Decision-Making in Ukraine

CD_JEP-26193-2005 (3)


T810 – Interdisciplinary studies


Stuttgart University (Stuttgart, Germany)

Dnipropetrovsk National University (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Roman University of La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)

Kyiv International University (Kiev, Ukraine)

Taurida National University named after VI Vernadsky (Simferopol, Crimea)

Ternopil State Economic University (Ternopil, Ukraine)

Ukrainian network of regional consulting centers of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)



T935 – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System

Dresden Technical University (Dresden, Germany)

National Aviation University (Kiev, Ukraine)

University of Roskilde (Roskilde, Denmark)

Dnipropetrovsk National University (Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine)

Institute of Business and Modern Technologies (Kiev, Ukraine)

Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine)

Lviv National Agrarian University (Lviv, Ukraine)


National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute" (Kharkiv, Ukraine)

Taurida National University named after VI Vernadsky (Simferopol, Crimea)

Odesa National Academy of Communications named after O.S.Popov (Odessa, Ukraine)

Vinnytsia National Technical University (Vinnytsia, Ukraine)

Zaporizhzhya National University (Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine)

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

EU Seventh Framework Programme, Maria Curie Programme: Functioning of local production systems in the context of the economic crisis (comparative analysis and benchmarking across EU countries and their neighbors)

PIRSES-GA- 2011-295050

Research Fundamentals of Local Production Systems in EU

Matej Bel University (Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic)

University of National and World Economy (Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria)

Lodz University (Lodz, Republic of Poland)

Novosibirsk State University (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)

Institute of Economics and Industrial Production, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation)

Grant of the International Visegrad Fund:

Innovative strategies of territorial development of the Visegrad countries: experience for Ukraine


Learning from the experience of regional development of the Visegrad Four

Matej Bela University (Banska Bystrica, Slovak Republic)

Lodz University (Lodz, Republic of Poland)

Ternopil National Economic University (Ternopil, Ukraine)

The teaching staff of the department conducts research work.
1. «Innovation strategies of territorial development of Visegrad four: experience for Ukraine», 2014-2018, supervisor – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Savelyev Ye. V.; Grant of the International Visegrad Fund.
1. «Benchmarking of regional development in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine» 2014-2017, supervisor – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Savelyev Ye. V. Within the framework of the topic, the theoretical and methodological conceptualization of benchmarking of the external and internal environment of regional development of Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Ukraine is developed. 
Intercession contracts:
1. «Integration priorities of the Ukrainian milk and dairy market development», 2014-2018, scientific supervisor – Ivashchuk І. О.
2. «Strategy of construction company development in the conditions of European integration», 2017-2018, МЕ-37-2017, scientific supervisor – V. Ye. Kuryliak 
1. «Development of international relations of Ukraine in the system of global and European economic integration», supervisor – Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor Savelyev Ye. V.
2. «Civilization dimensions of global transformations and geoeconomic priorities of Ukraine», scientific supervisor – Ivashchuk І. О.
The students of INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS have these competitive advantages
1.Form leadership skills in the tactical and strategic managerial decision-making, focused on the development of international trade of a firm or an industry, activities in the intercultural environment and building a career of a TNC manager (of a unit or of the company as a whole).
2.Master the economic and mathematical, statistical and analytical methods for managing commodity, financial, foreign exchange, information flows; skills of entrepreneurial activity in the world market of goods and services, attraction of direct and portfolio foreign investments; master the skills of providing currency-financial and banking services for foreign economic operations; approaches and techniques of conducting business negotiations.
3.Study the latest scientific findings in international economics of foreign scientific schools through lectures of TNEU staff and foreign partner universities' representatives. In particular the visiting scientists include professors from: professors from Dresden Technical University, Dortmund University of Applied Sciences, Research Institute of the World Economy (Berlin, Germany), Lodz University (Lodz, Poland), Matej Bel University (м. Banská Bystrica, Slovakia), University of National and World Economy (Sofia, Bulgaria). Have an opportunity to participate in exchange programmes and study in partner institutions for a semester, with subsequent certificate or diploma.
4.Get fundamental knowledge necessary for performing supplementary tasks in the fields of international economic relations, international finance, international marketing and management, international law while working at an enterprise.
5.Fluently speak at least two foreign languages, which is noted in diploma supplement.
Lvivska st., 11 (room 1201, TNEU Building 1), Ternopil, 46004
website: http://kafme.org.ua
e-mail: kafedra.me@tneu.edu.ua