Head of the Department of Criminal Law and Procedure



Candidate of Juridical Sciences
Associate Professor
Scientific Interests: criminal procedure, criminal-executive law, criminology
Е-mail: n.rohatynska@tneu.edu.ua
Phone: 23-53-25, 15-231
Room: 408


Department of Criminal Law and Procedure

   The history of the department of criminal law and the process dates back to 1998, when in the process of establishing a law institute of the Ternopil Academy of National Economy the Department of Criminal Law and Process appeared (headed by J.D., Prof. V.K.Grischuk). Subsequently, in 2000, on the basis of this department there were three others: the Department of Justice and Prosecutor Supervision (Heads - Ph.D., Prof. P.V. Shumsky, Ph.D., Associate Professor V. O. Sich), Department of Criminal Law (Head - D.Sc., Prof. V.K.Grischuk), as well as the Department of Criminal Procedure and Criminology (Head - Candidate of Law, Associate Professor S. M. Blagodir) In 2003, as a result of the merger of the data of the departments, there appeared the Department of Criminal Law and the Process and Criminology (Heads - Candidate of Law, Associate Professor S.M Blagodar, V.V Slobodyanyuk, Assistant Professor M.O. Golovetsky ) In 2009, the department was reorganized by merging with the department of constitutional, administrative and international law in the department of public law (the heads - candidate of science, associate professor M.O. Golovetsky, candidate of science, associate professor N.S. Rogatinska).

The last stage of the reorganization of the department was its renaming in August 2015 at the Department of Criminal Law and Process. The head of the department is appointed by the candidate of science, associate professor. Nina Zinoviivna Rogatinska, who holds the post till today.


Composition of the department. The staff of the department of criminal law and process consists of 9 scientific and pedagogical workers, among them: 4 candidates, associate professor. - N. Z. Rogatinska, R. P. Oliynychuk, N. O. Chudik and S. V. Banakh; 2 k.ju.n. - Yu. O. Pilyukov, S.F. Vishnevsky; 1 D.Sc., associate professor – S.V Fedik-Lukashchuk, 5th senior teachers - Yu. O. Pilyukov, B.V. Prokopov, S.F. Vishnevsky, I. I. Yurkevich, T. D. Bodnarchuk, as well as one representative of the teaching and support staff – senior laboratory of the department S.O. Timochko.


The Department provides teaching of disciplines: "Criminal Law (General Part)", "Criminal Law (Special Part)", "Criminal Procedure", "Criminal Execution Law", "Criminalistics", "Criminology", "Forensic Medicine and Psychiatry" , "Practice of qualification of crimes", "Theory of evidence", "Legal institutes of Ukraine", "Legal responsibility in the field of economic activity".


At the department there is an educational forensic laboratory, headed by Volodymyr I. Kusmartsev.

The task of functioning of the forensic laboratory is to create the preconditions for:

 - realization of practical and creative components of the content of training;

- organization of work of scientific circles;

- execution of educational examinations;

- Provision of specialized and in-depth study of special courses;

- popularization of the basic provisions of the science of criminology;

- experimental expert studies of provided educational facilities;


From September 1, 2016, the Department of Criminal Law and Process is a graduate chair for a new specialty "Law Enforcement". So, we invite all willing future lawyers who want to work and change for better law enforcement agencies of Ukraine, in particular: the national police of Ukraine, the SBU, the fiscal service, NABU, the department of financial investigations, the prosecutor's office, the penal institutions, etc.


Scientific activity of the department. The main task of the research work of the department is to develop the most important problems in the cycle of criminal-law sciences, taking into account new tasks facing the Ukrainian state.

From 2013 to 2018, the department is working on the implementation of the target comprehensive scientific theme "Theoretical and practical aspects of the reform of the Bar Institute", the consequences of which the publication of the monograph is scheduled to take place.

The most important results of the research work of the department have found their reflection in numerous articles, scientific and practical comments on normative legal acts, monographs and other publications.

Work with students. The department has a scientific circle. Frequency of meetings of the circle every Tuesday of the first and third week of the month at about 14 hours. 25 min Head of the department, candidate of science, associate professor N. Z. Rogatinska systematically organizes a meeting of students with representatives of judicial, law enforcement and human rights protection bodies.

Educational activity. The Department of Criminal Law and Process is co-organizer of annual exhibitions of thematic documentaries, conducted within the framework of the International Documentary Film Festival on Human Rights "Docudays UA", the organizer of the student contest "Legal Divisions in Public Law", co-organizer of the Annual Student Exchequer, Graduates and Employees of the Law Office TNEU to the Mariinsky Spiritual Center "Zarvanitsa".

Public work and cooperation. Teachers of the department are members of the NGO "All-Ukrainian Criminal Law Association", NGO "Ukrainian-American Association of High School Employees" (UAACE), NGO "All-Ukrainian Insurance Consumers Association" Insurance Protection ", Civil Society Intelligence Headquarters of Civil Society.

The department co-operates with the State Research Experimental Forensic Center at UMVSU in the Ternopil region, the Ternopil branch of the Kiev Research Institute of Forensic Expertise, the Council of Advocates in the Ternopil Oblast, the Ternopil Oblast Branch of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the Department of Education and Science of the Ternopil Regional State Administration, The Office of Education and Science of the Ternopil City Council, the Association of Ukrainian Lawyers, the International Festival of Documentary Film on the Rights Judah "Docudays UA" International Cultural and Educational Association (ICEA), NGO "Intelligent headquarters of civil society" NGO TMHO "Male Adaptation Center" NGO "Fine City" and so on.