Head of the Department of Psychology and Social Work

  Furman Anatolii Vasyliovych 

Doctor of Psychological Sciences



Scientific Interests: sociology and psychology of society, methodology of professional learning and cultural development, scientific design of socio-systems, modern means of experimentation and innovation training


Email: a.furman@tneu.edu.ua

Phone: 25-29-45, 15-2-35, 10-179

Room: 507; 2 (Students' Residence Hall #5, Lvivska st., 9)


Department of Psychology and Social Work

 The Department of Psychology and Social Work carries out preparation of bachelors and masters in the specialties "Social Work", "Social Security", "Psychology", Doctors of Sciences (Philosophy) of Social Security and Psychology and Doctors of Science in the field of 053 "Psychology".

The history of department

The Department of Psychology and Social Work was created as a graduating one in February 1990 for the training of specialists in the specialty "Economics and Sociology of Labor". During 1992-1998 years it was carried out seven graduations of specialists with this degree, and since 1999 the department prepares bachelors and specialists in social work. Professor Anatoliy Gavrilovich Gorily was the first head of the department. 

In 2003, the Department of Economics and Sociology of Labor was renamed in the Department of Social Work, which was headed by Anatoliy V. Furman - Doctor of Sciences (Psychological), Professor, Academician of Higher School of Ukraine, member of National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, a long-term member of State Attestation Commission of Ukraine on Humanities and Social Sciences, member of Editorial Board of journals "Native school", "Education and Management", "Psychological Journal", "Social Technologies", chief editor of the journal "Psychology and Society" and consultant editor of the methodological almanac "Vita-cultural mill", head of the Ternopil regional branch of Sociological Association of Ukraine, well-known scientist and methodologist, general-colonel of Ukrainian and foreign Cossacks, head of Public Organization "The Intelligence Headquarters of Civil Society”, and author of 440 scientific works.

Since September 1, 2014, the department has been renamed in the Department of Psychology and Social Work.


The present day of the Department

At present, the academic process of the Department of Psychology and Social Work provides by 28 persons, including 4 Professors (3 Doctors of Sciences (Psychological), 1 Doctor of Sciences (Pedagogical), 19 Candidates of Sciences (8 - Psychological, 2 - Philosophical, 6 - Pedagogical, 1 - Philological, 1 - Economics, 1 - Historical), two Senior lecturers, one teacher and two senior laboratory assistants. The department researches learn constantly new technologies and methods of training, which enable to maximize the process of creative reflection of the educational content by students.

The life activity of the department is characterized by the fact that besides the proper implementation of educational, methodological, organizational and purely public work, the preference is given to research activities that totally permeate the professional life of each professor, associate professor, doctoral student, master student and student, and centered around interdisciplinary problems and the third research program of the scientific school of professor Furman A.V. It confirms, on the one hand, by the achievements in the sphere of theory, methodology and empiricism of the modern humanities development, obtained in Science and Research Institute of Methodology and Education (director Furman O.), and on the other hand – by the regular access, during 18 years, of the Ukrainian theoretical and methodological socio-humanitarian journal "Psychology and Society", which according to the rating of periodical scientific editions of Ukraine that have bibliometric profiles, ranked the 19th place among 503rd of such editions.

All the department researchers are members of Public Organization "The Intelligent Staff of Civil Society", the Sociological Association of Ukraine (SAU). In addition, the head of department professor Furman A.V. and his deputy assistant Girnyak A.N. take part as the experts in numerous television programs and radio broadcasts on the variety of actual topics of socio-political and socio-economic orientation on the regional state television (TTV).

The famous graduates of the department are the Mayor of Yaremche and the former Сhairman of the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration Paliychuk Nikolay, the ATO participant Victor Semchuk who died heroically in the East of Ukraine and posthumously awarded by the Order "For Courage", the Director of the Department of Social Protection of Population of Ternopil Regional State Administration Boyarsky Vadim A., the Ternopil City Council deputy, and the Head of the Demesnial Committee Shkula Andrey P. and others.

Graduates of the Department of Psychology and Social Work with a degree in social work self-realize professionally in numerous organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership, such as:

• Department of Social Protection of Population of the Region State Administration;

• Department of Social Policy of the City Council;

• employment centers and personnel agencies;

• Executive Departments for  Youth Affairs;

• Office of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (region, city, district);

•territorial centers for servicing pensioners and single non-working citizens;

• residential care homes;

• institutions of ducation (social teacher);

•Juvenile Delinquency Department of the Main Directorate of the National Police;

• penitentiary (correctional) institutions;

• health care institutions, units of the Fund for Social Protection of Disabled;

• rehabilitation centers and other institutions which are subordinated to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

All social workers are assigned a public servants rank. 

Graduates of the Department with the degree in psychology will receive a diploma of a psychologist with the right to teach psychological disciplines in educational institutions. However, the scope of application of psychological knowledge is diverse. These are advertising, business, politics, marketing, management, media, art, sports, power-wielding agencies, educational institutions, specialized clinics, teaching work, etc. The psychologist’s main activities in practice are: psychological assessment, psychological counseling, psychological education, corrective and developmental work, psychotherapy.

After graduation, the graduates-psychologists will be able to hold positions in:

•departments for work with the staff of enterprises and organizations (coach-mentor, psychologist-recruiter);

•employment services;

•media sphere, image-management and public relations (PR-manager);

•vocational guidance centers;

•state and private higher educational establishments, medical institutions;

•social organizations (specialist who work with clients);

•on the line of trust phone (Call-center operator);

•The Ministry of Emergency Situations;

•state authorities and management;

•institutions where private counseling and psychotherapeutic practice are involved;

•educational institutions.

Students who studies at the Department of Psychology and Social Work have the opportunity to combine directly the educational process with the scientific and psychosocial practice, which is due to the close collaboration of the Department with the Institute of Methodology and Education, the laboratory of the psychological service of the University. The Laboratory of Psychological Service is the basis for experimental researches while writing course papers, diploma and master's theses, for the preparation and implementation of social projects.