Acting Head of the Department of Security, Law Enforcement and Financial Investigations

 Moskaliuk Nadiia Bogdanivna


Candidate of Juridical Sciences

Associate Professor

Scientific Interests: the right of intellectual property to the newest objects of intellectual activity, the legal basis of economic security

Phone: 25-47-50, 15-242

Room: 304


Department of Security, Law Enforcement and Financial Investigations

 The Department was founded in 1999. The objective need for the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of combating economic crime and intellectual property protection was the reason for the renaming as the Department of Financial and Economic Security and Intellectual Property.

In accordance with the requirements of the time the name of the Department was changed to "Department of Economic Security and Financial Investigations” in 2017. Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the specialty "Law Enforcement Activity” of the educational program "Economic Security and Financial Investigations” were initiated. At the same time, the training of masters for the educational program "Management of financial and economic security” of specialty "Management” is carried out.

Understanding that modern economy needs urgent combating economic crime, counteraction to raidering and corporate conflicts, financial investigation, so these specialties are popular among the students.