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Lecture by the Nord University Professor

11-04-2019, 18:00 News

 Today there was a special guest at TNEU - a scientist from the Nord University - Bord Michalsen. He gave a lecture on Project Management within the framework of the project "Ukraine-Norway". The scientist described the main principles of directing a team and managing resources, communications, risks, quality, as well as the methods of evaluation, planning, monitoring and control. Teaching staff and students had an opportunity to share their thoughts and gain new experience. The lecturer was well liked - interesting, charismatic, and professional.

TNEU Students participated in the "High North Dialogue - 2019" conference

6-04-2019, 13:27 News

 During April 3-4th, TNEU students studying at the University of Nord Business School (Bodø, Norway) under the Erasmus + Global Mobility programme had a unique opportunity to take part in the High North Dialogue 2019, a world-renowned conference organized by the Nord University and Nordland country council.

The event brought together people interested in Arctic development. This conference was devoted to the development of Smart Cities, Blue Economy, Transport and Infrastructure, Business Index North (BIN), etc. Political and public figures, scholars and students from all over the world (USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Italy, France, Ukraine, Russia, China, etc.) took part in the conference. The conference is held annually since 2006. The opening speech of the conference was given by Erna Solberg, Prime Minister of Norway and co-chair of the High-level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy.

Representatives from 7 countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Canada, the United States of America and the European Union) have also participated in the discussion panel on sustainable development in the Far North. The program of the conference was full of interesting sections, during which students themselves had the opportunity to present their research and thus become part of such a grand event.

The Publication Game – Publish or Perish – seminar by Bjarne Rerup Schlichter

4-04-2019, 13:32 News

 The  Department of International Economic Relations invites everyone to participate in the seminar "The Publication Game – Publish or Perish" by professor of Aarhus University (Denmark) B. Schlichter. The seminar will be held on April 9, 2019 at 12.50 in the TNEU building No. 10 (Center for European and International Studies), at the address: 9, T. Shevchenko Boulevard, auditorium 47.

Postgraduate students, teachers and all interested persons are invited.

Language of instruction: English

For more information contact the Department of International Economic Relations of TNEU - tel. 52-40-46.

seminar-on-publication-by-bjarne-rerup-schlichter-1.doc [93.5 Kb] (Downloads: 8)  

WSB University delegation visited TNEU

22-03-2019, 15:14 News

 On March 20, the TNEU administration had a working meeting with our Polish partners - the head of the Pedagogical Department Marek Walancik and the Vice-Rector for International Relations Rafał Rębilas from the WSB University.

During the meeting, the conditions for signing a cooperation agreement for the development of joint programs and participation in projects were discussed. WSB University is highly regarded among higher education institutions of the Republic of Poland. Ukrainian students will have the opportunity to study in the following specialties: international business, international economics, management, financial management, tourism, sociology, logistics.

In accordance with the agreements, TNEU representatives will take part in international scientific conferences, which will take place from May to October 2019 in the Republic of Poland.

During the meeting, the colleagues also discussed the possibility of developing a dual diploma program, as well as participation in joint grant projects funded by the Government of Poland and the European Union.

Global Money Week starts at TNEU

20-03-2019, 14:43 News

 On March 20, the TNEU Faculty of Finance hosted the grand opening of the Global Money Week Global Campaign under the motto "Learn! Save! Earn!"

Various TNEU professors gave speeches and greeted the students and guests, including the Vice-Rector for Innovation and International Relations, the Faculty Dean and the Departmant Heads. They noted that during this week many events, seminars, projects, presentations and financial awareness competitions are happening in 170 countries of the world in order to attract public attention to financial education and financial literacy; to inspire children and young people to learn more about money and savings, how to earn and manage their finances, conduct business, etc.

Join Global Money Week 2019 to learn how to save and make money, and start building a fortune!

TNEU students participated in an internship at Palessie State University (Pinsk)

15-03-2019, 14:26 News

 During 4th-9th of March, TNEU students were on internship in Palessie State University (Pinsk) and had the opportunity to discover Belarus in a new light. The trip was filled with bright emotions and memorable events, new acquaintances and valuable experiences.

During the internship students had an opportunity to discover the peculiarities of the educational process, cultural heritage, opportunities and traditions of the university, the city of Pinsk and Belarus as a whole. The stay was eventful: interesting lectures, communication with teachers and students, exchange of contacts, visits to the sports complex, excursions, a trip to Brest and much more.

Grand opening of the next academic semester within the framework of the project "Ukraine - Norway"

24-02-2019, 17:47 News

 As part of the project at TNEU, the grand opening of the next semester was held on February 22, 2019 for more than 30 people who became students.

The diplomatic dialogue between the Kingdom of Norway and Ukraine started many years ago. A close political relationship was established between the two states, visits, meetings, and implemented projects were organized not only at the national level, but also in the regional centres.

On September 24, 2003, the Ukrainian-Norwegian project "Retraining and social adaptation of servicemen and their families in Ukraine" was launched. From 2003 to 2018, about 10,000 people participated in it. The aim of the project is to reduce the impact of the negative social consequences of economic reforms and reforms of the defense sector of Ukraine for dismissed soldiers and their families. Assistance for rehabilitating servicemen has been offered in more than 40 Ukrainian cities, including in 20 educational establishments, including Ternopil National Economic University.

TNEU joined Baltic University Programme, Uppsala (Sweden)

12-02-2019, 16:15 News

 The Baltic University Programme (BUP) seeks to find new ways for universities to interact with each other and the society. Its goal is to build and strengthen the local and international educational communities. BUP is an innovative network at its core.

Today, approximately 230 universities and other educational institutions in the Baltic Sea Region are part of the Programme. The BUP Coordinating Secretariat manages the Programme and is headquartered at Uppsala University (Uppsala, Sweden). Uppsala University is the oldest and one of the largest universities in Sweden. The Uppsala University has nine faculties: Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Faculty of Languages, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science and Technology, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Theology.

The programme's work focuses on issues of sustainable development, environmental protection and democracy in the Baltic Sea Region. The goal is to support the key role universities play in the democratic, peaceful and sustainable development. This is achieved through the development of university courses, support for multidisciplinary research projects and participation in transdisciplinary projects in collaboration with authorities, municipalities and other institutions. In addition, membership in the Baltic University Programme gives the university member the right to send students and teachers to courses and to attend conferences.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Ukraine visited TNEU

8-02-2019, 12:11 News

 On February 6th, a delegation from the Hungarian Embassy in Ukraine headed by the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Hungary to Ukraine István Íjgyártó visited Ternopil National Economic University.

Guests were greeted by the rector of TNEU,  Andriy Krysovatyy, the university professors and students. After the solemn ceremony of raising the state flags of Ukraine and Hungary, the rector briefly addressed the audience, speaking of international cooperation and future endevours.

During a short excursion around the university, the delegation had an opportunity to get acquainted with the infrastructure of the University, its history, achievements of students and faculty members.

The day ended with the meeting of the Academic Council, during which the rector proposed new Ukrainian-language courses for students of the Svaliava branch, while the visitors shared information on sustainable development of local communtes in V4 countries.

Delegation from the Celestial Empire visited TNEU

4-02-2019, 15:16 News

 On the eve of the Chinese New Year, a delegation from the People's Republic of China - representatives of The Ukrainian Study Abroad Centre - visited the Ternopil National Economic University.

Over the course of the visit, Ternopil National Economic University announced its intentions to establish scientific and educational cooperation with the Ukrainian Study Abroad Centre. Confirmation of further partnership was the conclusion of a Cooperation Agreement between TNEU and The Ukrainian Study Abroad Center. The corresponding document was signed by rector A.I.Krisovyty and director of the company.