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TNEU is working on improving methods of distance learning

15-04-2020, 17:30 News

 Due to the COVID-19 coronavirus disease prevention measures, the educational process at the university is carried out by means of distance learning based on computer communications (e-Learning technology) via the MOODLE TNEU platform. It provides the opportunity to attract large numbers of people, allows you to study in any convenient place, where there is Internet, as well as to promptly deliver and update educational content. There is constant contact between the teacher and the student, convenient access to electronic educational materials, regular computerized testing in asynchronous and synchronous modes. Discussions are held between territorially remote participants, the learning process is individualized, taking into account the professional needs and characteristics of each higher education student.

EUA Annual Conference webinar by the European University Association.

15-04-2020, 17:00 News

 Don't miss out on a great opportunity to participate in a webinar from the European University Association, of which TNEU is a member! The event will take place on April 17-24, 2020 and will last from 14.00 to 15.00 (CEST). Participation is free!

Mascot Summer Camp 2020 - Week-long English Camp - is waiting for you!

14-04-2020, 14:30 News

 TNEU Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies announces great news - a week-long English-language Mascot Summer Camp will be held at Ternopil National Economic University for the second time!

Continuing training of participants in professional retraining and social adaptation courses under the Ukraine - Norway project

14-04-2020, 14:00 News

 TNEU continues to train reservists, veterans, and their families as part of professional retraining and social adaptation courses under the Ukraine - Norway project. In particular, currently students are completing a series of online lectures in Business Psychology and Management.

Staff of B. Havrylyshyn ERIIER continues to support students in dormitories

14-04-2020, 10:53 News

 Staff of B. Havrylyshyn ERIIER continues to help foreign students who have stayed in our dormitories for the time of quarantine and are in need of support. It is gratifying that the Education and Research Institute of Public Management has joined this good initiative of supplying the youth with food.

Regeneration 2030 - Annual Summit on the Åland Islands (Finland)

14-04-2020, 10:48 News

 As TNEU is a member of the Baltic University Program, we would like to inform you about the opportunity to be part of the BUP Student Delegation at the Regeneration 2030 Summit on the Åland Islands (Finland). This is an event that focuses on mobilizing young people for action.

Attention students and teachers!

13-04-2020, 17:30 News

 Order of the Rector of TNEU №145 of April 06, 2020 "On Amendments to the Schedule of the Educational Process 2019/2020" approved "Provisional Procedure for Passing, Examinations and Certification of Higher Education Applicants during the Quarantine with the Use of Video Communication Technologies and Distance Learning Platforms".

The Order and Provisional Procedure are available on the TNEU website and can be accessed at


FCIT students have developed a website to assist the Monastyrysk District Hospital

11-04-2020, 10:11 News

 This year a project of decentralized crowdfunding platform "Axilium" was created and implemented at the Faculty of Computer Information Technologies of Ternopil National Economic University during the Winter IT School (project leaders: Associate Professors Honchar and Melnyk.

Competition of Ukrainian-Latvian research projects for 2021-2022

10-04-2020, 17:00 News

 Dear colleagues! We would like to inform you about the opportunity to participate in the competition of Ukrainian-Latvian projects for 2021-2022. Applications will be accepted until May 18, 2020.

B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations supports foreign students during quarantine

9-04-2020, 09:33 News

 The events of the last month have turned our lives around regardless of status, language, etc. The foreign students of TNEU stayed in Ukraine, in Ternopil. There are more than 200 of them here. Also, Ukrainian students of B. Havrylyshyn Education and Research Institute of International Economic Relations are far from home now - in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany on exchange programs. We think it is not easy for them now and they are waiting for support!