Scientific and Research Institute of Methodology and Educology


Oksana Furman

Doctor of Psychological Sciences


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9 Lvivska st. (TNEU Student Hall #5), Ternopil 46009,
Rooms: 2, 5-6
Tel.: 097-4427595, 0352-475050 internal: 10-179


Scientific and Research Institute of Methodology and Educology was established in 1999 (till 2007 called Institute of Experimental Education Systems).
SRI ME is a research and development unit of the Ternopil National Economic University, which performs theoretical, project and technological substantiation of innovative models of higher education in the context of Ukraine's accession to the European cultural space; is engaged in the training of specialists of the highest qualification (Candidates, Doctors of Sciences); conducts theoretical and methodological, socio-humanitarian and economic experiments; creates a socio-psychological basis for fundamental research in the humanitarian sphere of society; makes recommendations to managers on methodological, psycho-didactic and programmatic methodological support of effective activity of higher educational institutions; develops topical issues of the economy of higher education in Ukraine as one of the main areas of reforming the educational sphere on the basis of humanism, democracy, science, multiculturalism, and spirituality.
The research institute realizes its tasks in such basic directions:
– execution of the state budget and contractual work (topics);
– scientific and educational activity: preparation of candidates and doctors of sciences (postgraduate study, doctoral studies, institute of applicants for scientific degree); 
– empirical and experimental activities: conducting fundamental research and implementing advanced achievements of modern science in the practice of universities (Institute of scientific correspondents and collective researchers);
– scientific and publishing activity: publication of theoretical and methodological socio-humanitarian journal "Psychology and Society", methodological almanac "Vita-cultural Mill", monographs, manuals, as well as other scientific products (publishing complex);
– scientific and social activity (preparation and conducting of scientific conferences, methodological seminars, etc.).
The research institute, implementing its professional objectives, also carries out:
– fundamental socio-psychological research in the system of higher education of Ukraine;
– theoretical and methodological substantiation of innovative, alternative and modular educational systems;
– development of the integral concept of the economy of higher education of Ukraine and the development of common approaches to understanding the realities of modern higher school activities;
– developing new mechanisms of economic activity for higher educational establishments;
– scientific design of the socio-psychological, as well as organizational and economic climate of the educational process;
– experimental introduction of innovative expert-diagnostic, artistic-technological, program-methodical, financial-economic means in the activity of institutions of higher education;
– integrated monitoring of entry into European educational space and transition to the Bologna system of education management;
– scientific guidance and accompaniment of empirical and experimental work of collective scientific staff;
– socio-psychological examination of introducing a modular-developing educational system;
– carrying out experiments on economic, managerial-technological, socio-psychological and programmed-methodical conditions of activity of higher educational establishments;
– creation of a new generation of software and methodological tools for the education system (graphic diagrams, development textbooks, educational scenarios, scientific projects of educational modules, computer aids, educational programs of student self-realization, reference books, dictionaries, tests, etc.).