Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of TNEU


Nataliia Dobizha 

Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor; Director of the Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship
Scientific Interests: economics of agricultural sector, insurance of agricultural enterises, insurance market, social insurance.
Author of over 40 scientific,educational and methodological works, including: 17 scientific papers in specialized journals, 1 monograph, 15 teaching materials.

Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship

"Accounting and Audit" - Graduates can work directly in the structures of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Accounting Chamber, the State Audit Service, the State Fiscal Service, the Security Service of Ukraine. They can be employed in the fields of entrepreneurship, financial accounting, management accounting, tax accounting, economic analysis, audit and consulting, research and pedagogical activities.

"Finance and Credit" - a speciality that is related to the management of cash flows of the enterprise, profit, capital and investments.

"Economics of the enterprise" - a complex economic speciality. Professionals of this profile need deep knowledge of microeconomics, macroeconomics, management, finance, marketing, foreign trade, logistics, economics and enterprise development strategies, financial accounting, auditing, production organization, innovation, business law, etc. Professional training provides an opportunity to work in various branches of the economy, in planning economic (social and economic) units of enterprises and organizations, etc. Graduats can work as: economists, economist-analysts, financiers, accountants, marketers, managers, company directors; engage in entrepreneurial activity.

A Junior Specialist in Law is assigned to work in the justice depertment, courts, state institutions, tax, customs, insurance and other budgetary organizations, economic courts, in the civil registration bodies, notaries, bodies of internal affairs, the apparatus of state executive authorities and local self-government, legal and personnel services of enterprises of all forms of ownership. A specialist at this level is prepared for conducting investigations and providing security, protecting public order, and ensuring justice.

History Overview

Vinnytsya College of Economics and Entrepreneurship of Ternopil National Economic University was established on December 14, 2012. It was founded on the basis of the Vinnytsia Institute of Economics of TNEU, which opened in Vinnitsa on January 1, 1995.

Taking into account the increased demand for specialists with the Junior Specialist's degree, as well as the number of orders received from enterprises and organizations for their preparation, TNEU developed an educational plan for the Vinnitsa Institute of Economics, which provided for the continuous training of Junior specialists. Thus, it was decided to establish a Vinnytsia College of Economics and Entrepreneurship.

The main purpose of the college's activity is to train Junior Specialists and to meet the needs of the local labour market.