Director of Institute


Oksana Desyatnyuk,

DSc (Econ), Professor

Honorary Figure of Ukrainian Education

Phone: (0352) 47-58-50



Oksana Desyatnyuk graduated from the Ternopil Institute of National Economy (today – the Ternopil National Economic University), Financial and Economic Faculty, and obtained the Specialist’s Degree in Accounting, Audit and Analysis in Economy. 

In 1992 she started her career as a University reader at the Department of Economy, Accounting and Audit in Nonmaterial Sphere at Ternopil Institute of National Economy. From 20/Apr/1999 she was appointed to position of a Senior reader of the same Department, then from 2001 — Associate Professor, Department of Taxation and Fiscal Policy. From 2010 to 2013 she held the position of the Head of Finance and Banking Business Department at the Chortkiv Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business, Ternopil National Economic University.

In 1999 Oksana Desyatnyuk presented Ph.D. thesis «Accounting and Internal Audit of Fixed Assets: Organization and Methods». In 2002 she was awarded an Associate Professor title at Department of Taxation and Fiscal Policy. In 2010 Prof. Desyatnyuk presented doctoral thesis «Dialectics of Taxation System Formation Risk in Ukraine». In 2013 she was awarded Professor title, Department of Taxation and Fiscal Policy. On 01/Oct/2016 due to Presidential Decree #427/2016 she was awarded with Honorary title "Honorary Figure of Ukrainian Education”.

In her professional activity Prof. Desyatnyuk widely uses foreign experience, updates the educational process, participates in scientific seminars, symposiums, regional and international conferences, namely: "Relevant Problems of Economic Development under Globalisation” (2012), "Prospects of Ukrainian Financial System”, "Finance & Credit Mechanism in Social-economic Development” (2013), "National Economy: scientific Approaches and Educational Priorities” (2013), "Sectoral Asymmetries of National Economic Development: Mechanisms to Overcome Them under New Challenges and Factorial Restrictions” (2015), "Financial & Banking Public Services: Managerial Problems and Development Prospects” (2015).

In order to implement the positive international experience into educational activity Oksana Desyatnyuk undertook the training course at University of Norland (City of Bodo, Norway) in 2014, at Preshov University (Slovakia), in higher educational establishments and fiscal institutions of Florida (USA) in 2015 and California in 2016, in Tax Office of Ternopil Region in 2015, at University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic) in 2015.

The sphere of her research interests includes the theory and methods of taxation system function and development, taxation risks monitoring and tax debt management. She has published more than 170 scientific and educational works, in particular, there were published 56 articles in leading scientific journals of Ukraine, 12 manuals, 15 monographs.

Prof. O. Desyatnyuk is currently a consultant of post-graduates, she is a member of a specialized Academic Council for examining on doctoral /candidate’s dissertations in the field of Economics.

Other appointments include a position as a deputy chief editor of The World of Finance (journal), membership in Finance and Credit Subcommittee of the Science Board in the sphere of Economy and Entrepreneurship, the Ministry of Education, Ukraine.

About the Institute

 The Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies is an educational, scientific and cultural division of the Ternopil National Economic University. The Institute provides organizational and tutorial courses for future professional employees in areas of part-time, online and external forms of study as well as offers pre-university tutorial courses, post-qualifying education and specialists’ training courses. It also maintains the functioning of a university business-incubator, realization of short-term business education programs, organization of e-education, education quality monitoring and controlling of educational consulting centers of the university.

In order to provide efficient educational process there function the following subdivisions:

 Section of Part-Time Education Programmes;

Section of Experimental Educational Programmes;

Post-qualifying Education Office;

Preparatory Courses;

Foreign Languages Consulting Centre

Masters of Public Service Training Centre

Education Quality Monitoring Office


There are following departments in the Institute:

- Philosophy and Political Science Department;

- Foreign Languages and Professional Communication Department;

- Economic & Mathematical Methods Department.


Address: 11а Lvivska St.,

(TNEU Building 11, Rooms 11202-11207, 11501, 11508),

Ternopil, 46020.