About the Institute

 The Education and Research Institute of Innovative Educational Technologies is an educational, scientific and cultural division of the Ternopil National Economic University. The Institute provides organizational and tutorial courses for future professional employees in areas of part-time, online and external forms of study as well as offers pre-university tutorial courses, post-qualifying education and specialists’ training courses. It also maintains the functioning of a university business-incubator, realization of short-term business education programs, organization of e-education, education quality monitoring and controlling of educational consulting centers of the university.

In order to provide efficient educational process there function the following subdivisions:

 Section of Part-Time Education Programmes;

Section of Experimental Educational Programmes;

Post-qualifying Education Office;

Preparatory Courses;

Foreign Languages Consulting Centre

Masters of Public Service Training Centre

Education Quality Monitoring Office


There are following departments in the Institute:

- Philosophy and Political Science Department;

- Foreign Languages and Professional Communication Department;

- Economic & Mathematical Methods Department.


Address: 11а Lvivska St.,

(TNEU Building 11, Rooms 11202-11207, 11501, 11508),

Ternopil, 46020. 

e-mail: nniiot@tneu.edu.ua