Erasmus+ Information for incoming staff/ staff for training

General Information
Academic teachers from partner universities interested in a teaching visit or training at the Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) under the Erasmus+ programme should contact Department of International Cooperation to discuss the time and length of your visit. In order to be accepted, incoming staff members have to submit Application Form incoming_staff_application_form.doc [67 Kb] (cкачувань: 19)  and Mobility Agreement for Teaching mobility-agreement-teaching_en.doc [111.5 Kb] (cкачувань: 21) or Mobility Agreement for Training mobility-agreement-training_en.doc [109 Kb] (cкачувань: 19)   to TNEU Department of International Cooperation by e-mail. After receiving the required documents, you will be issued an official Letter of Invitation, and contact person will help you in organization of your stay in Ternopil.
Calendar for academic year
The academic year is divided into two semesters: Fall and Spring semesters.
TNEU can offer the visitors a number of rooms in Dormitory (hotel type) №11 (Lvivska st. 11а). All enquires concerning accommodation should be addressed directly to the Department of International Cooperation.
Contact information
Contact person – TNEU Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator
Associate Prof. Nataliia Strelbitska
PhD, Assoc. Prof.,
Head of the International Cooperation Department
Ternopil National Economic University
11 Lvivska str., Build. №1, 
46020 Ternopil, Ukraine