International strategy

According to the National Strategy for the Development of Education in Ukraine for 2012-2021 years the international cooperation in higher education provides:
•concluding and implementation of intergovernmental and interdepartmental agreements on cooperation in education and science;
•organization of educational and scientific exchanges, internships and study abroad of students, teachers and teaching staff;
•expanding the participation of educational institutions, teachers, researchers and students in various projects and programmes of international organizations and associations;
•study the experience of foreign partners in the modernization of educational system, including the study of professional growth within the concept of " Life-long Learning” through the introduction of international schools, discussion groups, etc.
•conducting joint research on urgent issues of educational development and on other sectors of the economy;
•holding international scientific conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.
•training of foreign citizens and stateless persons in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.
According to the strategic priorities of higher education in Ukraine and the contemporary challenges the strategic benchmarks of the international activity of Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) for the period until 2020 are:
•    Integration into the global and European education and research context;
•    Modern quality standards of education;
•    Mobility and scientific studies;
•    Competitiveness and prospects for the education market.
Traditional areas of international cooperation (upgradinging the qualification of teaching staff in foreign educational institutions;  collaborative training of specialists together with foreign partners; international conferences, symposia and workshops; membership in international scientific, educational, administrative structures, associations, societies; participation of teachers and students in international programs and funds; highlighting and celebrating the scientific achievements of university at the international level; cooperation through the twin cities) require a qualitatively new implementing ideology and should be considered as a part of promising benchmarks of modernization of TNEU international activities within the global and European educational contexts.
Priorities of international activity
1. Improving the competitiveness of TNEU at the educational market by increasing the level of teaching, scientific research, social work, education and administration; ensuring a high level of information and resource, material and technical conditions for student learning; converting the University into the channel of bilateral student mobility and knowledge exchange.
2. Diversification of funding TNEU by taking part in international grant programs, international aid projects in order to maximize self-sufficiency of the University
3. Access and consolidation in the international market of research services by means of providing the defence of thesis works of foreign applicants at TNEU, widening the network of partners to implement the  initiatives of the joint guidance of doctoral dissertations, encouraging the University scientists to conduct researches at the premises of partner universities.
4. Strengthening the scientific component of international activity, which involves strengthening the participation of the TNEU’s academic teaching and research staff in conferences abroad, increasing the number of publications and citation index in leading foreign journals, promotion of TNEU’s scientific products at the international level.
5. Increasing the share of foreign internships, funded by grants and according to programs of international exchanges of teaching staff and students as the most effective way of improving educational and scientific level and experience in a globalized environment.
Mechanisms for the implementation of the dimensions of TNEU’s international activity:
•    membership in international educational organizations;
•    bilateral and multilateral agreements with foreign universities, scientific and socio-cultural institutions;
•    implementation of joint projects with foreign colleagues on important educational and scientific issues;
•    training of  TNEU’s academic teaching staff and students abroad;
•    joint defence of master's and doctoral theses; widening the network of partners with whom the agreements on joint management of dissertations are made;
•    involvement of foreign citizens in preparatory programs, higher and postgraduate education, filling the licensed volume for foreign students;
•    widening the range of intermediaries; establishing direct contacts with leading educational centers and institutions abroad; introduction of remote online training (also for foreign students and for Ukrainian living abroad)
•    professional development of teaching, including proficiency in foreign languages;
•     publication of research results in international journals and promotion of foreign professional publications of TNEU by including them into international rankings, preparation and publication of collective monographs, textbooks, manuals, articles;
•    organizing and participating in international scientific conferences, seminars, trainings, round tables;
•    establishing a positive image of TNEU both in Ukraine and abroad, spreading the information about the achievements of the personnel, the nature of educational services provided by the university, constant participation in exhibitions of international education, international social and cultural events.