Double Degree Programmes

Double Degree Programme

Eleven agreements on two diplomas were concluded at Ternopil National Economic University. In particular, the Polonia Academy in Czestochowa (Czestochow, Poland), University of Economics in Bydgoszcz (Bydgoszcz, Poland), Academy of Finance in Warsaw (Warsaw, Poland), Wroclaw University of Economics (Wroclaw, Republic) Poland), University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Dortmund, Germany), Dresden Technical University (Dresden, Germany), Katowice University of Economics (Katowice, Republic of Poland), Lodz Social Academy of Sciences (Lodz, Republic of Poland), Opole Polytechnic University (Opole, Poland), University of Applied Sciences (Furdo, Hungary), Higher School of Linguistic Studies in Czestochowa (Czestochow, Poland).

On September 10, 2013 Ternopil National Economic University (Ukraine) and Wroclaw University of Economics (Poland) signed the "Agreement on Double Degrees".

The provisions of the agreement enabled students of the Bachelor and Master degree programmes to study in the partner-university for one semester. After a successful defence of a Bachelor's or a Master's thesis, students receive two diplomas, both from their home university and from a partner institution.

Students under the double degree programme will be taught in accordance with the curricula agreed by the two universities. The credits that students receive at one of the universities will be recognized by the other.

The tuition fee for the double degree programme is significantly lower than the cost of studying in Poland for 4 years. Moreover, a double degree automatically eliminates the need to have the Polish diploma recognized in Ukraine and the Ukrainian diploma recognized in Poland. This enables the graduate to get a prestigious job and build a successful career on the European labour market.

In addition, under the terms of the agreement, having obtained a Master's degree at TNEU and fulfilled the relevant criteria, student have a right to continue their postgraduate studies at the WUE.

The double degree programme is an effective tool to solve the dilemma of getting education in Europe or in Ukraine. Now, there's no need to study for extra 3-4 years outside Ukraine in order to obtain a generally recognized diploma of a prestigious European university.

Paying for only one semester of study at Wroclaw Economic University allows you to save expenditures not only on tuition fees, but also on the cost of living abroad for a shorter period of time.

Students of the programme receive instruction in economic disciplines in accordance with the requirements of the academic schools of the Ukrainian and Polish sides.

Since the studies in Poland will be conducted in Polish or English, the programme will be an exceptional opportunity to improve the foreign language competence, both for general use and at the level of professional economic communication.

The programme graduates get the opportunity to successfully work in both Ukraine and the EU countries.

The double degree programme offers you a chance to experience the unsurpassed atmosphere of academic mobility, which is shared by the student community of the leading countries of the world. The combination of professional disciplines, language practice, visiting places of interest and lively communication allows you to feel the true spirit of European education.

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