Ternopil Business School

Ternopil Business School was established on October 1, 2015 (Order No. 521 of September 25) in order to implement the latest forms of educational and professional training aimed at satisfying the actual needs of the labor market and in line with the world trends in business education development. 
The development of the initiative for the creation of a business school is carried out within the framework of the implementation of the partnership project with the Estonian Business School "Opening a Business School at the Ternopil National Economic University".
The mission of the Ternopil Business School is to promote the innovative advancement of the region through the professional training and personal development of managers and business leaders on the basis of unity of education, applied research and innovation.
Vision - Ternopil Business School as a platform for constructive interaction between education, business and authorities for initiating and implementing educational, educational and business investment projects in the interests of each participant and local communities in general, represented by a team of scholars and practitioners, united by values. openness, innovation, responsibility.
The main activities of the Ternopil Business School are the development of academic curricula, short-term vocational training programs in the field of management and entrepreneurship, as well as initiation and implementation of projects in the format of alternative education for entrepreneurs, specialists, managers and audiences of the local community who are interested in professional and personal development.
In the context of its activities, the Ternopil Business School team is ready for a constructive partnership for the development of social and business initiatives and is open to contacts:

 Ternopil Business School
Ternopil National Economic University

Room. 21, 22

Shevchenko Boulevard, 9

Ukraine, 46000

Phone: +38 0352 521950

E-mail: TBSchool@tneu.edu.ua




Ternopil Business School

Ternopil Business School