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English language Program “International Management”

Дата: 27-06-2016, 10:07

English language Program “International Management”




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educational programme/ specialisation




will acquire the expertise, knowledge and skills that are required to perform a managerial role in an international organisation.

      Knowledge of the: 
      main management theories and concepts, an awareness of global management issues, their role and importance in international business;

      economic principles of companies' functioning in the global markets; innovative management techniques; methods to assess their effectiveness;

      advanced tools of information search and processing, economic and mathematical models of management; software proceedings of management activities;

      main characteristics of the international business environment and practical aspects of management activity in modern global economy; regulatory framework, methods and tools of analysis of companies’ foreign trade activities;
      peculiarities of marketing and logistics management activities in international markets;

      current approaches, principles and methods of staff management to successfully undertake cross-border activities.
      Skills (will be able to): apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to solve management problems in internal and external markets;

      collect and analyze necessary information to calculate economic indicators to justify management decisions using appropriate analytical and methodological tools;

      determine functional areas of management activity of the economic entity and their relationships to calculate the figures describing the impact of such activities;

      apply innovative approaches to the implementation of administrative activity of the economic entity, flexibly adapt to changes in the market environment;

      manage the organizational structure of the economic entity and to perform managerial functions for complex problem solving.
       Possesses: effective and convincing written and oral communication skills and mastery of subject-specific terminology in Ukrainian and two foreign languages;

      digital and communication technologies and IT software necessary for performing modern management activities;

      teamwork skills, managing time and planning work assignment.


English language Program “International Management”
English language Program “International Management”